Track & Field
Copyright/Publisher: Atari Inc./Konami,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Athletics Number Of Players: 1 or 2

You're in for the workout of your life. 6 gruelling events await you: 100- Meter Dash, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, 110-meter Hurdles, Hammer Throw and the High Jump.

You can play alone against the computer or against a second player.

You can choose 4 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Difficult or Awesome. You can play the whole game or just one event.

But keep in mind that your real opponent is yourself. You have to make the qualifying time or distance in each event to move on. Otherwise, it's all over.

Press [F1] to display the Options. [F5] to select an Option and
[F3] to change the Option you have selected.

To start play, press [F1] or the red button on your arcade controller.

To reset game, press [RESTORE] and press [F5] to display scores during play.

Be careful not to press other keys or the game may be affected.

When using one arcade controller or joystick plug into Port 1. All four contestants will play off of the same controller or joystick. When using two controllers or joysticks plug the second into Port 2, the odd contestants will play off Port 1 and the even contestants will play off of Port 2.

To operate your special track & field controller alternate pressing left and right RUN buttons. To jump or throw, press red button marked JUMP/THROW. When using joysttick, move left and right. Press fire button to jump or to throw.

The weather is clear and warm. It's a perfect day for track & field events, and you're entered in several. You try to match or surpass qualifying standards, which - alas! - tend to improve as the meet progresses. You may even set new records. Go out there and bring back the gold medals for your team.

The distance is 100 meters, so there's no time for strategy. You dash down the track and burst through the tape at the finish line. If you beat 13.00 seconds you qualify. Don't false start, though, and be sure to lift your knees so you won't stumble.

How far into the sand pit can you launch yourself on your long jump? Get a good run and begin your leap before the start line to avoid fouling. Jackknife your body once you're in the air to reduce drag and increase your distance. Jump 7.00 meters and you qualify.

If you control the trajectory, your javelin travels farther. You aim for almost level flight so that energy isn't wasted on journeys up and back down. If you accidentally throw your javelin straight up, you won't qualify - but you may earn rewards of a different sort! A distance of 72.50 meters qualify you for the competition.

You've seen athletes on TV running and hurdling for 110 meters. Now it's your turn to combine speed with technique. Stretch your legs out as you leap to avoid knocking down a gate or landing flat on your face. You qualify with 13.50 seconds.

Around and around you spin, until you release the hammer. Build up speed as you rotate so that your momentum carries the missile the maximum distance. Concentrate on your aim, too, or you may be disqualified for flinging your hammer against a wall. Throw your hammer 77.00 meters to qualify.

The high jump is probably your toughest event. Don't launch yourself too soon, and don't tangle with the bar. If you do, you'll earn only a red flag and a cry of "Foul." Marshall your strength and coordination to clear even higher obstacles. Jump 2.35 and you qualify for the competition.

Victory brings a warm-all-over glow. Your friends applaud, the judges stand in awe, and you're flushed with the satisfaction of giving a superior performance. Even if you experience the agony of defeat, your despair is of short duration. There'll be other days and other meets. And maybe next time...

100 Meter Dash 20 For every 100th of a second less than 13.00 down to 11.00
C64 Sports 4000 For qualifying (Qualifying time is 13.00 or less)
C64 Sports 1000 For matching your opponent or the computer time. You receive these points whether you qualify or not.
Long Jump 20 For every 100th meter more than 7.00 meters.
C64 Sports 8000 For qualifying (Qualifying distance is 7.00 meters)
C64 Sports 1000 For trying all three of your jumps.
Javelin 20 For every one 10th meter over 72.50 meters.
C64 Sports 8000 For qualifying (Qualifying distance is is 72.50 meters)
C64 Sports 1000 For throwing javelin off the top of the screen without fouling.
110 Meter Hurdles 10 For every 100th of a second down to 13.00.
C64 Sports 20 For every 100th of a second under 13.00
C64 Sports 10500 For qualifying (Qualifying time is 13.50 seconds).
C64 Sports 1000 For matching your opponent or computer time exactly.
Hammer Throw 20 For every one 10th meter over 77.00 meters.
C64 Sports 9400 For qualifying (Qualifying distance is 77.50 meters)
C64 Sports 1000 For trying all three of your throws.
High Jump 500 For each successful jump.
C64 Sports 1050 For qualifying (Qualifying height is 2.35 meters).
C64 Sports 1000 For missing first jump twice and then qualifying.