Trap Shoot
Copyright/Publisher: Ahoy!/Ion International, Inc., Programmed By:
Matt Pierce, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Shooting, Number Of Players: 1


Trap shooting is the sport of firing at frisbeeshaped targets commonly called clay pigeons. The clay pigeons are sprung into the air from a trap (small building in front of the marksman). The trap operator alters the direction and altitude at which the pigeon flies to vary the difficulty of the targets. Competitors use shotguns to fire at the clay targets. As you aim, you must lead the target slightly, then fire. It is best to hit a pigeon while it is climbing or floating rather than while descending.

Type in and save both parts of the program: the BASIC portion and TRAP SPRTS. Leave the disk containing both portions in the disk drive so that the sprites will be loaded into memory. A menu will come up on the screen once the sprites are loaded in. There are three options: to 1) select the level you wish to play at, 2) designate the number of shotgun shells a player is allowed per target, and 3) begin the game.

When the game begins, you'll notice a man in a red shirt and black pants shouldering a shotgun. You control this man's aim by aiming the black crosshairs in the middle of the screen with a joystick plugged into Port 2. Directly in front of your marksman are two traps out of which pigeons intermittently spring. To fire the shotgun, hit the joystick button when the dot in the center of the sights is aligned directly in front of the target (you must lead the pigeon slightly).

On the bottom line of the screen the current statistics are displayed. They include (from left to right) the number of shells remaining for the current clay pigeon, the number of targets hit, the total number of pigeons that have been sprung, and the total amount of shotgun shells that have been used. The game terminates once 30 pigeons have been sprung. At this point, statistics of your performance are displayed. They include the percentage of targets hit, a ratio of shells fired to targets hit, and a rating of your performance. Once you have completed viewing the stats, hit any key to initiate a new game.