Turbo Kart Racer
Copyright/Publisher: Players/Interceptor Group, Release Year: 1990, Programming, Design and Graphics: Paul Black,
Music & Sound Effects: Sonic Graffiti. Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Port A: Red Kart, Port B: Blue Kart

Choose Arcade or simulator mode:
- Arcade, Kart Follows joystick direction and fire triggers boost.
- Simulator, Kart turns left or right with the joystick, fire actives the boost trigger and fire accelerates.

Complete four laps and beat the drone kart to progress to the next track. Pick-up symbols for extra features: More boost, decrease kart damage and spanners. Your kart flashes to indicate you have caught a symbol (this is useful if two karts go for one spanner!).

Steal spanners by colliding with the grey drone kart (it flashes to indicate it has a spanner!). You can also gain more spanners from a player who has lost then race providing they have any!).

Use moving walls to skip sections of the track avoid "popping-posts", they destroy your car! Also avoid collisions with other karts (it slows you down and later on it destroys your kart!). If your kart is destroyed, quickly position it on a "safe" section of track.