Up'n Down
Copyright/Publisher: Sega, Music By: Tony Vece,
Release Year: 1984, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


You're racing your BAJA BUGGER over dangerous and treachorous roads. But your opponents aren't just trying to win the race, they're trying to make it the last race you run. To stay alive, jump your BAJA BUGGER and land on top of your opponents.

Earn points by collecting flags, balloons and other prizes along the course. Watch out for TOASTERS, PICK-UP TRUCKS, FLAG CARS, TANKS, WEDGE CARS and other deadly opponents. They'll try to collide with you... and if they do, you're dead.

Fasten you seat belt and get ready for the wildest strip of road you've ever been crazy enough to drive.


1. Insert the game cartridge while the power is OFF.
2. Turn the power ON and you'll hear the BAJA BUGGER theme music as the gameplay screen appears.

1. Insert the disk into the drive unit and close the drive door.
2. Type into the Commodore computer this line, followed by the RETURN key:
The disk will now spin for a while and the gameplay screen will appear.

3. Use GAME SELECT to choose one or two players. When two are playing, players take turns. The game will continue as a two player game until power is turned off or game is reset. When playing two player game, you need to press the fire button to start each round. The game pauses for players to exchange the joystick. The joystick should be plugged into port #2.

4. Select: E(Easy)
M (Medium) Difficulty levels
H (Hard)

RESTORE puts you back on the menu screen.
RUN STOP pauses the game.

5. Use your four-way joystick control the maneuver your BAJA BUGGER over the motocross course.
UP - Increase speed
LEFT - Turn left
RIGHT - Turn right
DOWN - Decrease speed

6. Press the FIRE button to make your BAJA BUGGER jump. You can jump in place, fron one road to another, or from point to point on the same road.

7. If you wish to play using your keyboard rather than joystick control, use the following keys to maneuver your BAJA BUGGER:
A - Increase speed
Z - Turn left
J - Turn right
K - Decrease speed

Once the keyboard is selected, push the space bar to start the game.

8. The SPACE BAR is used to make your BAJA BUGGER jump when using the keyboard controls.

NOTE: The BAJA BUGGER can only jump while moving forward. If you pull back on the joystick control while jumping, the BAJA BUGGER will accelerate backwards until the jump "action" is complete. This is important because you may want to move backward to collect flags and other prizes.

9. After a game is finished, you may use the jump button to start another game.


The screen shows various treacherous roads which scroll from the top of the screen to the bottom. A flag display at the top of your screen indicates the number of flags. Flags are collected simply by driving over them with your BAJA BUGGER. Flags turn white when you pick them up. The colored ones left are the ones you still need to pick up.

The course has at least two lanes which zig-zag across the screen and will intersect along the way. Some roads might lead to maps which let you jump across stretches of broken road and some roads lead to dead ends.

If you jump and land off the road at any point, you lose one of your five cars. After your fifth BAJA BUGGER is destroyed, the game is over.

The numger of BAJA BUGGERS you have remaining is indicated by little red cars in the upper right of your screen.

The courses become more difficult to survive as you progress from one round to the next, up to round eight. After eight, rounds will repeat beginning with round 5 and repeating through 8. For example: round 9 will be a more difficult version of round 5. When all ten flags have been collected you advance to the next, more difficult round.

The round counter goes to 99. Round counter is below HIGH SCORE.

As your BAJA BUGGER travels across the treacherous roads, you'll encounter various opponents along the way. They may come from behind or may be moving in front of you at a slower or faster speed. You earn points for successfully jumping on top of them. If you collide with any of these opponents or jump up and off the track, you lose one of your BAJA BUGGERS.


The score for player 1 is located at the top left corner of the screen. If there is only one player, HIGH SCORE will be displayed below the player 1 score.

The score for player 2 is located at the top left corner of the screen, below player 1 score. It replaces the HIGH SCORE display.

HIGH SCORE is displayed on the menu screen.

Each round you advance will bring new opponents and prizes to the tracks. You'll have to be more aware not to collide with them. Be ready to jump them for extra points.

Here's how you earn points:
Collect flag - 100 Points
Collect baloon - 600 Points
Collect ice cream cone - 600 Points
Collect hat - 600 Points
Jump on opponent - 400 Points
In addition, your speed and the distance you cover in a certain period of time could earn you bonus points - 10 Points

After you have completed one level of play, a display will indicate the time it took to complete that course. If your elapsed time falls into one of the five bonus levels, that bonus will flash for three seconds and will be added to your score. The game will automatically go to the next round.

Your game time ______ minutes _______ seconds.
0-29 seconds - 20.000
30-39 seconds - 10.000
40-49 seconds - 5.000
50-59 seconds - 3.000
60-69 seconds - 1.000
70 seconds and up - no bonus