Up Your Alley
Copyright/Publisher By: Loadstar/Softalk Production, Programmed By:
Joe Garrett, Genre: Bowling, Release Year: 1986, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Never let it be said that LOADSTAR has turned away from the great social issues of the day. Even computer magazines must be aware of injustice and take steps to correct the inequities that they find.

Imaginative lot that we are, we have even found a few problems no one ever knew about before. Take the yuppie bowling crisis-- LOADSTAR was first to recognize that yuppies don't bowl. How can they live with such a vital part of their humanity unfulfilled? No wonder they are such easy marks for foreign car salesmen and tofu peddlers-- it is a classic case of transference.

LOADSTAR has found that all yuppie behavior patterns, from wearing Reeboks to thinking Garison Keillor is funny, stem from their inability to feel comfortable with bowling.

After reading everything from Freud's CIVILZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS to the latest articles on endocrinology, LOADSTAR has discovered that this antipathy has a physiological basis-- yuppies are inevitably allergic to polyester and domestic beer.

Since LOADSTAR realizes the ramifications of a society that does not bowl (after all, Gary Hart was almost elected president by all those non-bowlers) we commissioned our own Joe Garrett to find a cure. He succeeded admirably with UP YOUR ALLEY.

Now yuppies can sit at home and be comfortable in their natural fiber clothing and relax to some old Jackson Browne while they enjoy a quiet, sanitary, and above all, genteel game of bowling.

While UP YOUR ALLEY may lack some of the bowling alley ambiance necessary for a complete cure, it is a great stride forward for yuppie's eventual rehabilitation.

For the rest of us who don't necessarily think that "turkey" means a great low-cal meat, UP YOUR ALLEY is one of the most realistic computerized bowling games around-- a game that lets us choose our marks and have some control over the ball's curve while it is in flight. UP YOUR ALLEY also, unlike lesser bowling games, keeps track of scores frame by frame.


While running UP YOUR ALLEY, you will see only one screen. At the top of this screen is where the program prompts you to input information.

Below this section is the bowling lane itself, and at the bottom of the screen is a scoring chart.

When you begin UP YOUR ALLEY, you will be prompted to enter the number of players (up to two) and their names. You must press RETURN after you type the information.

At the bottom of the screen, beside the scoring chart, an arrow points to the name of the person who is bowling at that time.

To prepare for your throw, use your cursor keys to line the green mark at the left-hand margin of the lane where you want the ball to strike the pins.

When you are satisfied with that mark, pressing RETURN will release your ball. Notice that hitting the SPACE BAR will curve the ball in flight-- an especially nice feature to have when you are going after those nasty splits.

UP YOUR ALLEY keeps score frame by frame as each player bowls. After the tenth frame, you will be asked if you wish to play again.