World Championship Boxing Manager
Copyright/Publisher: Goliath Games, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1

World Championship Boxing Manager puts you in control of up to 5 boxers. You must use your skills as Manager/Promoter against the computers artificial intelligence, which controls 17 managers who together have 100 boxers under contract.

A warning, the expectations of your boxers are high, you will need to utilise all your negotiation skills in this award winning simulation to secure bouts against rated boxers, which will increase the world ranking of your fighters on the road to becoming champions of the world.

Loading a New Game
Disk - Insert disk. Type LOAD"*",8,2 and press RETURN.

Cassette - Place the cassette into your tape deck, ensuring that it is fully rewound. Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP, then press PLAY on tape deck.

Loading a Previously Saved Game
Disk - Insert disk, answer YES to LOAD A PREVIOUS GAME?, select DISK option.

Cassette - Insert cassette. Answer YES to LOAD A PREVIOUS GAME?, select TAPE option and press PLAY on tape deck.

Saving a Current Game
Disk - Insert Blank Disk, go to EXIT sign in hall, answer YES to SAVE GAME? and select DISK option.

Cassette - Insert Blank Cassette, answer YES to SAVE GAME? and select TAPE option. Press PLAY and RECORD on tape deck.

Game Controls
< = Left
> = Right
; = Up
/ = Down
RETURN = Select
Or use Joystick in Port 2.

WARNING: Disk drives must be disconnected when loading from or saving to tape.

In order to successfully achieve your goal, you will need to understand the complexity of this game and follow the 'hints' which will assist you to make the right and accurate decisions.

World Championship Boxing Manager has been designed to be 'user friendly'. This means that you will be able to find and do everything quickly and easily. Instead of standard menu systems the player clicks the pointer on whichever item he wishes to see or clicks on whichever door he wishes to go through etc.

Upon loading you are offered a licence to become a boxing manager/promoter. Here you are asked to enter your name. The you can then name your boxer.

NOTE: The computer will then generate your boxers abilities regarding his strengths and weakness. Those cannot be altered.

You will now need to negotiate his contract (see Boxers Contract).

HINT: First year contracts are considerably lenient, but do not expect any favours from there on. False promises may end up with your brightest protégé moving elsewhere with years of hard work down the drain.

The filing cabinet contains your boxers' contracts, your boxers' fight records and the current fight rankings.

A player may have up to FIVE BOXERS IN HIS CAMP and at the beginning of the game each boxer's contract has to be negotiated. CONTRACTS ARE RENEGOTIATED ANNUALLY. Negotiations include guaranteeing a minimum number of contests plus a satisfactory World Ranking position.

This depends on the boxer's present position and potential. You will also be expected to guarantee a percentage of the fight purse. Your opponent's manager is also arranging the best deal for his boxer. Negotiations will not be easy so clever compromising when arraning fights will called for.

HINT: First year contracts are considerably lenient, but do not expect any favours from there on. False promises may end up with your brightest protégé moving elsewhere with years of hard work down the drain.

This lists YOUR BOXERS' fight records showing fights fought, won, lost and drawn etc., plus comprehensive result coverage of your boxer's last seven bouts.

This shows the official AREA, NATIONAL and WORLD rankings for both the WCB and FWIB boxing boards of control.

NOTE: By clicking on any boxer you will be able to obtain details of their fight records, manager etc.

The telephone allows you to contact anybody outside of your office environment. This consists of other FIGHT MANAGERS the TWO BOXING BOARDS plus the SCOUTS. Just click on the phone and select the relevant people, incoming calls arrive from LIMPY and WIMPY (your scouts), JIM from the GYM and OTHER MANAGERS proposing fight challengers.

When arranging fights you will be asked which boxer in his camp you wish to fight. You will be expected to negotiate date, governing body and purse percentage (see BOXERS CONTRACT).

Other managers may contact you to arrange challenges - you have the opportunity to accept or your peril.

HINT: Negotiate carefully...a low purse in one bout must be recovered elsewhere during the year to keep your boxer happy.

There are TWO BOARDS OF CONTROL, each with their INDIVIDUAL FIGHT RULES. These are as follows...

The Federation of WORLD BOXING (FWB)
1. The referee only scores on points decision.
2. No compulsory count of eight on a knock down.
3. Unlimited knock down rule.

1. Three judges score on points decision on the unanimous or majority rule.
2. Mandatory eight count on all knock downs.
3. Three knock downs in same round stops contest.

NOTE: The relevant board of control MUST BE CONTACTED to sanction the bouts that YOU HAVE ARRANGED.

There are TWO scouts availabe called Limpy and Wimpy. They may be SENT either to afight night and REPORT BACK WITH DETAILED RESULTS of a specific fight or SENT ON A SPYING MISSION. This involves a scout sneaking off to an opposing boxers camp during training and reporting back to you. This however, is dangerous. If caught the opposing camps have unusual ways of dealing with 'spies' and ambulances are often called for.

The scout will contact you if he hears that another boxer is unhappy with his present manager. Negotiations will be arranged by contract (see BOXERS CONTRACTS).

HINT: If hospitalised he will be unavailable for duty and will suffer concussion resulting in loss of memort.
P.S. Don't send flowers or grapes.

The mail arrives each morning. The mail consists of either APPROVAL OF BOUTS from the governing bodies, FIGHT FIXTURES or FIGHT RESULTS.

The filofax (on desk) keeps all your personal information. Obtainable are BOXERS' NOTES; this offers a REPORT ON YOUR BOXER's ABILITIES, information involving BOXERS belonging to OTHER STABLES plus acts as a FIGHT DIARY listing forthcoming events. This automatically keeps itself updated.

The calendar on the wall allows you to forward the date at will. The date will advance daily, unless intervention involving a FIGHT EVENT or the TELEPHONE RINGS.


The various doors off of the corridor allow you to enter the GYMNASIUM, PHYSIO or OOFICE. The EXIT allows you to SAVE the game or LEAVE THE BUILDING (see FIGHT NIGHT).

The PHYSIO will offer you a report on a boxer's present state of health and fitness which will allow you to assess whether your boxer has recovered from injuries sufficiently to go back into training.

HINT: Although you will be naturally anxious to get your boxer into the gym preparing for another fight, it will be advisable not to rush. You wouldn't wabt another relapse or for a healing cut to reopen, would you?

Here is where you prepare your boxers for their forthcoming fights. There are several options ranging from weightliftning to sparring and running. You are able to select his schedule as different options affect different attributes. Example, running affects stamina and weight training affects strength. However, certain injuries may occur during training. Example, sparring may result in a cut, or weight training may pull a boxer's muscle.

HINT: Various preparations may improve ceratin boxers' qualities but also a lay off from certain training requirements may lower a boxer's ability. As you cannot have a boxer doing everything at once, (he'd be on his knees poor fellow), careful liaison between the gym and yourself is recommended.


Each governing body has three various titles to contend for. No title is compulsory. The titles are as follows...

1. AREA - This title is available for the top three contenders ranked below 66 in the world.

2. NATIONAL - This title is available to the top three contenders ranked below 33 in the world.

3. WORLD - This title is available to the top three contenders in the world.

The ranking positions vary depending under which governing body the fight was fought. However, the OPPOSING governing body will recognise a boxer's achievement or demise to a certain extent but will not automatically increase his position. This depends upon certain aspects within the game which you will have to figure out for yourself.

HINT: Although it is not necessary to obtain the various championships in order to become World Heavyweight Champion it has its advantages, plus a few disadvantages. It will spoil it to tell you why, so it's best left for you to find out.

A boxer retires at the age of 31. Upon his retirement the RANKINGS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE UPDATED and the boxer will REAPPEAR WITH NEW ABILITIES. You will be given the OPPORTUNITY TO RENAME him before he RETURNS TO THE SAME STABLE as a raw youngster.

Friday night is FIGHT NIGHT. Each fight night consists of FOUR CONTESTS. THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING, either title fight or highest ranking contest, is the last contest. You do NOT have to go to every event. If you don't the RESULTS WILL BE POSTED TO YOU ON SATURDAY MORNINGS.

If you go to the event you are NOT compelled to watch every fight. After each contest you are given the option to either watch the next contest or not.

Each fight is contested by each boxer using a form of artificial intelligence during each round. The computer corner men will instruct each boxer on how to fight each forthcoming round depending upon how the computer judges the success of his fighter. The computer corner will also try to repair his boxer during rounds according to his damage and tiredness.

KEN THE COMMENTATOR assisted by EDDIE THE EXPERT will keep you informed round by round as the contestants do battle. The JUDGES WILL BE AWARDING POINTS ACCORDING TO THE SUCCESS OF THE BOXERS.

You, however will NOT have access to this information so you will have to rely upon EDDIE THE EXPERT'S suspect opinions and make your own assessment during the fight and hope it agrees with the judges. (Commodore 64 users cannot rely on Eddie's expert opinions).

HINT: Of the three judges ruling, each judge, sitting separately around the ring, has his individual personality. Each judge only scores what he sees.

In between rounds you will have the opportunity to WORK IN THE BOXER'S CORNER. At your disposal you will have:-

1. COLD IRON - for ironing out slight bruises.
2. WATER BOTTLE - for refreshment.
3. SPONGE - for removing blood and reviving boxer.
4. SWAB STICK - for working on cuts.

You can also ADVISE HIM ON TACTICS for the next round. The boxer will try to follow your instructions but remember his opponent will also have instructions updated and both fighters cannot always get their own way.

HINT: Study your boxer's abilities before selecting his tactics (It would be pretty silly to ask a Joe Frazier type boxer to behave like Sugar Ray Leonard).