World Championship Squash
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Release Year: 1993, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Playing The Game
This is a one or two player game, just use ports 1 and 2 as usual. Option screen explains and allows you to chose the desired mode.

The winner is the player to first reach 9 points, if the score is 8 points each the first player to 10 points wins. Each player serves until they lose a point, when service passes to the other player. Points can only be gained when a player has had service.

Configure Game
This allows the following to be altered prior to playing either a single match or tournament. Use joystick to select from the following:

Exit: Leave the configure game option

Games: Select between 1, 3 or 5 games per match.

Computer Skill: Easy/Fair/Hard Computer Skill Levels

Ball Dot Speed: Chose from blue(fast), red, white or yellow(slow).

Attend Competition: Watch other matches whilst in tournament mode.

Sound FX: Sound on or off.

Joystick Controls
[Joystick Right] - Spin Balls To Right
[Joystick Left] - Spin Balls To Left
[Joystick Up] - Powers Up The Ball
[Joystick Down] - Drop Shots The Ball

Different joystick and fire button combinations will enable a player to develop their own repertoire of matchwinning shots