World Cricket
Copyright/Publisher: Impulze/Zeppelin, Coding by: Brian Southon, Graphics by: David Taylor,
Music by: Andrew Rodger, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Cricket, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

A highly graphical simulation of International cricket management, detailed match highlights, icon driven selection screens, Home and Tourist Tours, variable tour lengths, injuries, statistical player data, load and save options, Batting averages, Bowling averages, Tour Reports, One Day Matches, Tour Matches, Test Matches, Batsman selections, Fielding selections, complex game design, and lots, lots, more!!!

Highlight the team you wish to manage from the list of International sides, and then select the opposing team for the Tour series.

Normally, top quality teams are not selected to play ordinary tour matches at home. Second elevens are usually selected for these games.

Tourists use these matches to acclimatise and practice. Really bad teams can be chosen that do not provide any opposition, or alternatively top teams are selected to administer nasty shocks.


"One Day Match" where up to 50 overs are played by each team. If neither team is all out, then the team with the most runs wins. "Tour Match" over three days and up to two innings each. "Test Match" over five days and up to two innings each.

Both Home and Tourists results are given on all One Day, Tour, and Test Matches, along with an overall Tour Results Table. The Tour Results Table gives details on Matches Won, Lost, Drawn and (M)atches(S)till(T)o(P)lay.

At the beginning of the Play option, the opposing team's eleven players and statistics is given for close examination as well as details on the Match. The Match can then begin, or you may choose to return to the main playing screen to make team adjustments.

Play is split into three session, with about 35 overs in each session. A coin toss decides who bats first.

To Begin Innings:
Batting - select two opening batsmen from your team.
Fielding - select order of fielding with 1 as wicket keeper, and 11 as out fielders. Poorer fielders and resting bowlers should be kept at the higher fielding numbers.

During Innings:
Batting - when present batsman is out, the next batsman is selected or player may declare under "sensible circumstances".

Fielding - after each over, the bowler can be replaced by either one of the two not bowling.

At the end of an innings, if the follow on conditions are met, then you will be asked if you wish to force the follow on.

"Sensible Circumstances" are when the Captain feels he has enough runs before the end of the innings and is concerned to have enough time to bowl out the other team before the time runs out - otherwise the match is a draw. All developments are registered on the World Cricket score board.

- Switches animated match highlights ON or OFF.

-The Medic reports on player injuries and fitness. The player is named along with nature of injury and diagnosed number of missed matches.

- The present game can be saved for future use, or an unfinished game can be re-loaded so that the Tour can be completed.

This is your full diagnostic tool giving a progress report on the Tour. Careful study of this information will help in future team decisions.

The Batsmen, Bowlers and All-Rounders are shown on three separate screens. The player's Name, Description, Matches Played, Batting Average, Bowling Average, and Catching Average are displayed for the current tour. Moving the cursor up and down Highlights that player's statistics which appear at the bottom of the screen.

The choice of team for the next match can then be made from the information presented to the Manager.

The selected eleven players are presented for Manager examination in batting order from best to worst.