World Cup Carnival
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Sport-Billy Productions, Programmed By: A.S.Designs,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Celebrate in Style with the Official World Cup Carnival Follow the action, enjoy the excitement with
* Computer league table and knockout football competition.
* Full colour World Cup league table.
* Full colour 'World Cup Facts' poster.
* World Cup supporters badge.
* Self adhesive World Cup flags.

Enjoy the excitement of the worlds premier sporting occasion as the whole of the globe focuses attention on the ultimate in football achievement - World Cup victory.

Follow the action as it happens with your own computer progress chart, play out the drama of real match encounters, nation versus nation in your own computer football game and capture the spirit of this momentous competition and its Latin American setting, famous for its carnivals, the passion of its people and the fervour and enthusiasm they demonstrate for their sport. World Cup Carnival. The only official football supporters' computer game. The only way for a computer enthusiast to follow the World Cup.

U.S. Gold Ltd, Unit 10, The Parkway Industrial Centre, Heneage Street, Birmingham B7 4LY. (C) 1974 FIFA, FIFA DEYHLE 1977, Sport-Billy Productions 1984, Pique - Official mascot FIFA World Cup 1986, Programmed by AS Designs.

Instructions Sheet:
World Cup Carnival is an authentic simulation of the Mexico 1986 World Cup including practicing playing skills and a league table of results. Please read these instructions carefully before loading and playing the game.

Loading Instructions: (Commodore 64/128)
Cassette - Press shift and RUN/STOP keys together and then press PLAY on the cassette player.

Disk - Type LOAD "*",8,1 and then press RETURN.

The program will load and run automatically. Once the game has loaded, after pressing the SPACE bar, you will be asked to select Practice Mode (Key 1) or Tournament (Key 2).

Game Controls
Player 1 - Player 2
Joystick (port 1) - Joystick (port 2)
Keyboard (as shown on screen) - Keyboard (as shown on screen)

The Fire key or button allows you to shoot, pass, change player or control the goalkeeper.

Practice Mode
Allows you to increase your skills in ball control and penalty saving and taking. You must use the joystick in port 1 for this section.

Ball Control
Movement of the player is controlled by the joystick. If you are correctly positioned pressing the fire button with joystick direction up kicks the ball into the air with the player's left toe or knee. Similarly pressing the Fire button with joystick down activates the right foot or knee. If the ball is at the correct height pressing the Fire button with no direction selected enables the player to head the ball. The current score and best score is indicated on screen. The ball may bounce on the ground but if it is permitted to come to rest the current score is reset. Press "Q" to return to practice menu.

You may choose to attack or defend the goal. Six balls are taken with the number of balls kicked, goals and saves indicated on screen along with the kick strength.

Taking Penalties
Move the joystick rapidly from side to side to maximise kick strength. During the last moments of your approach to the ball select the ball direction with the joystick. A low kick strength results in a slow moving ball which lifts into the air. The greater the kick the straighter and truer the ball moves.

Saving penalties
Select the direction in which you wish to dive using the joystick and time the dive with the Fire button. Alternatively you may simply stand your ground.

Mexico '86 World Cup
You will be asked to select the number of players up to 8. Each player can choose a team and country from 10 teams.

The logic of the game allows you to run and pass the ball just like the real game. In general you will control the player nearest the ball. This player is indicated by a change in the colour of his shirt. If you wish to change control to another player press the Fire button and control will pass to the player nearest to the ball. Player shirt colours are as authentic as possible with cyan used as a compromise for green shirted teams. If your two teams have the same shirts then the second team assumes an all black strip.

The goalkeeper can dive to save a goal by pressing the Fire button. He will automatically dive in the direction of the ball under computer control.

In addition the music may be turned ON/OFF by pressing F3/F1.

The game may be paused by pressing F5 and restarted with F7.

The progress of the tournament is tabulated at the end of each game.

If you leave the computer unattended it will automatically default to a demonstration mode which may be interrupted by pressing the SPACE bar which returns you to the Title Screen.

Now it's your chance to take part in Mexico 1986 World Cup; so take a breath; run out on the field and give it all you've got!

(C) 1986 U.S. Gold Ltd.
All rights reserved. Produced in the UK under licence by U.S. Gold Ltd., Unit 10, The Parkway Industrial Centre, Heneage Street, Birmingham B7 4LY.
Copyright subsists on this program.
Programmed by AS Designs.