World Series Baseball
Copyright/Publisher: Imagine, Produced By: D.C.Ward,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Congratualtions! You're in the middle of the World Series Baseball competition and the momentum is on your side. But everyone's out to beat you, especially the hard-hitting computer team. So if you want to win the Series read this official program. With the right combination of pitching and 'STEAL' strategy you may even become a World Star player! Have fun.

Get a feel for pitching, hitting, running, throwing, fielding and catching. The shadow of the ball will help you judge where the ball is headed. World Series Baseball is easy to pick up but tough to master, especially against the computer team. Have fun with World Series Baseball - it's designed to be fun for beginners and advanced players alike. If you have tips or strategies for other players just drop is a note - we would love to know how your major league dream is coming along.

Compete head to head or against the computer in this stunning baseball simulation. Prior knowledge of baseball not essential - self demo mode for instructions. Giant video screen for close-up action. Fun to play, with real baseball features including - steal options, curved balls, pitcher throws and all the razamataz of the U.S.A.

[F3] - One player port 1
[F5] - Two player port 2
[F7] - Option selected
[F3] - Team colours
[F5] - Team colours
[F7] - Start game
[C=] - From beginning

As in real baseball you aim in World Series Baseball is to outscore your opponent in 9 innings (extra innings if drawn on 9th innings).

In essence baseball is similar to the familiar game of rounders in as much as one team bats, another fields and points are scored for a successful batter running around all four points of a square which is marked out on the grass. Here, the similarity ends. An innings is the period of play where both teams have one period of batting each.

An innings is logically split in two halves and one half innings lasts as long as the batting side prevent three men from getting out. There are three basic methods by which a player may be dismissed: whilst batting he may miss three successive balls - each miss is called a STRIKE and 3 STRIKES means you're out; when he hits the ball it may be caught by a fielder; or he may be run out.

The ball is thrown by the Pitcher who stands in the centre of the square. The two lines which extend from the home base (Batter's position) are called the foul lines. If a ball does not land within the area marked by the foul lines when it is struck it is considered a foul and counts as a STRIKE.

A close up of the action is displayed on the stadium score board. When the pitcher appears you may select type of ball you wish to pitch by positioning the joystick in one of the positions shown.

[UP] - High Ball (A Ball)
[UP + RIGHT] - Slow HIGH Ball (A Ball)
[LEFT] - Slow Ball (Valid)
[UP] - Slow Low Ball (Valid)
[UP] - Low Ball (Valid)
[UP] - Fast Low Ball (A Ball)
[LEFT] - Fast Ball (Valid)
[LEFT + UP] - Fast High Ball (Valid)

One of the batting side on the pitch may attempt to 'STEAL' a run. As you are the Pitcher you can decide, using your own skill and judgement, whether or not to pitch your ball tothe base which you think the opposition may try to 'STEAL'. This option can be selected when SELECT STEAL OPTION appears on the screen. By then positioning the joystick and pressing the FIRE button you can select to which base you wish to pitch in order to 'OUT' your opposition. Pitching a ball using the STEAL OPTION does not count as a BALL.

[DOWN] - Home
[RIGHT] - 1st Base
[UP] - 2nd Base
[LEFT] - 3rd Base

A runner can be got out by tagging him if your fielder has the ball or by stepping onto the base he is forced to run to. A batter can be got out by any fielder who catches the ball. A forced runner is one who has to run to the next base because the preceding runner is running to the base he is on.

If a batter hits a fair ball he is forced to run. Once the ball has been thrown you may select a batting speed. Hold the joystick in the position required and press the fire button to swing the bat.

[UP] - Fast Bat
[DOWN] - Slow Bat

Watch the ball carefully as it approaches. How you time your swing will determine how well you hit the ball. You can vary the speed and height of swing by using left/right, and up/down respectively on your joystick. When you are ready press the fire button.

A batsman may be dismissed if he fails to hit three successive pitches or his ball is caught by one of the fielders. He will leave the field and the number of outs will increase. A runner may be dismissed if he is tagged by the man carrying the ball while he is running between bases of a fielder holding the ball has a foot on the base to which he is running and he cannot return to his last base.

The player of the batting side on the pitch may 'STEAL' a run by running to the next base when 'SELECT STEAL OPTION' appears on the screen. Hold the joystick in position required, press and release fire button.

[UP] - Run Ahead
[DOWN] - Run Back

While the ball is in the field one of the runners is under player control and you can try to make him advance a base by using up and down to control the direction in which he runs.

Note that all runners must be on bases for the next play to commence.

Fielders are controlled by the joystick. You may catch or pick up a ball. This is done automatically if you are close to the ball. To throw a ball to another fielder move the joystick to the required position, press and release the fire button.

[DOWN] - Home
[RIGHT] - 1st Base
[UP] - 2nd Base
[LEFT] - 3rd Base

As soon as the ball is struck one fielder will come under player control. This will usually be the man nearest to the expected landing site of the ball. Use left, right, up and down to move the man around the field. When he has picked up the ball use fire to throw it. The direction of control when the ball is thrown selects which base or the pitcher that the ball will be thrown to.

Outfield may be selected IN or OUT with the joystick when 'OUTFIELD OUT' and 'OUTFIELD IN' appears on the screen. 'OUTFIELD OUT' positions fielders for wide fielding and 'OUTFIELD IN' positions your fielders for close fielding.

[UP] - Out
[DOWN] - In

STRIKE - a pitch that crosses home plate between batter's shoulders and knees. Three STRIKES equals an OUT.

BALL - a pitch that is high or low out of strike zone. Four balls results in WALK, (batting players on field will have free walk to next base.)

OUT - catching fly balls, tagging runners with a fielder who is holding the ball or achieving three STRIKES off the BATTER equals an out. There are three outs per half innings.

BATTING ORDER - Visitors bat top of innings; home-team or computer bats bottom of innings.

RUNS - Score runs by moving around all three bases and finally to HOME PLATE. Team ahead after 9 innings wins the game. If score is tied after 9 innings, extra innings will be played until one team wins.