World Soccer
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Programmed By: Ian Copeland,
Graphics By: Richard Beston, Release Year: 1990, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


After loading you will be greeted by a screen which offers a selection of International teams. Select your favourite team by running through the teams and pressing FIRE. Once you have entered the first division you will commence the World Cup Team Competition.

Move the pointer and press FIRE to select from the ten options available to assist you in guiding your team to the top in WORLD SOCCER.

In addition to reviewing your trading record monthly, the bank manager will show you your current finance position any time you require the information. He may also agree to grant your club an overdraft to venture into the transfer market so you con buy high class players to improve your team. Your chance of obtaining on overdraft is greatly improved if your team is playing well at the time, and achieving good all round results.

The running commentary of the match is progress is giver by Joss Macdonald, TV top sports reporter, if you select this option.

OKs the players who are match fit and available for squad duty. Injured players are reported upon with expert assessment of how long they will be out of first team action.

You may save the current game for future use, or choose to load a game which was started earlier and not concluded.

The scout is able to tell you where he thinks the strengths and weaknesses of your team are in their present form. He can also recommend players available in the transfer market who would, in his opinion, strengthen and improve your team.

You may choose to:-

- by paying the full transfer price to the other club.

- turn down the proposed player. This form of action will result in the player in question not being offered again.

- you can attempt to bid down the other clubs once to a level acceptable to yourself.

- before giving a decision on whether to proceed with the purchase you may carry out a financial review of the clubs resources and then decide on a course of action.

This option allows you, the manager, to dispense with players who have lost their form or never reached peak performance. Again decisions have to be made similar to when buying players, this can be done after receiving advice from the scout, and considering the effects on the teams moral, and other important and relative factors.

Displays the current position of your team in your current league table.

Details of the next fixture are given along with the scout's opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition You can decide to play the match and field an unchanged team or change the formation by selecting the combination that will suit your planned match tactics.

At half time the match score will be available with details of any injures and bookings which have occurred to members of your team. You may then choose up to two substitutes for the second half and also given the opportunity to rearrange the formation of your team. The second half is now set in motion.

If your main interest is in the result the final score will be shown together with the details of match attendance and the gross match receipts for the day. The information service provides a round up of the match results of the day so that your rival's performances can be obtained and assessed for future reference.

Select from your squad, 11 first team players, and five reserves. In making your selection you may take into account the Position, AGE, FItness, SPeed, and ABility. Press the pointer to 'F to select a player for the first 11, 'R' to place a player on the reserves bench or if the player is already selected they will be dropped from the team.

Displays your current selected first 11 and reserves.