Wrestling Superstars
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Written By: Reflective Designs,
Programmed By: Dave Hayes, Graphics By: Jonathan Smyth, Music By:
Gerard Gourley, Release Year: 1993, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


OK grapple fans, the scene is set. The biggest super slam bash this side of the Atlantic. Join wrestle warriors in the biggest boldest, baddest ring war of them all.

Wrestling Superstars, has all the action exhilaration and entertainment of the real thing. It's a simulation of truly awesome proportions. With gameplay so good it will make you SWEAT!


Type LOAD press RETURN


The control mechanism for Wrestling Superstars can be split up into the following...

Use the up, down, left and right to walk in the direction you wish to go. If you keep the direction pressed after a while the wrestler will run.

Use fire button with a combination of up, down, left and right for single punches and kicks.

If you run against the vertical ropes you will bounce off them. While flying off the ropes you can press fire on it's own to give the opponent a flying knee. You could also attempt a flying kick by pressing fire and up. Failure to hit an opponent will mean you land badly on the floor.

To get into the grapple position, press fire and down while touching the opponent. And then starts the trial of strength.

The trial of strength is indicated by the icons that appear along the bottom of the screen. You must beat your opponent by first pressing left then right repeatedly as fast as you can. The player who raises the bar the fastest, wins the trial.

Once you have your opponent raised above your head, you can choose to throw him by pressing fire or give him a helicopter spin. Choose quickly or you may be overpowered. To start a helicopter spin, press fire and up. By pressing fire again, you will throw him. Be careful not to spin too long or you'll get Dizzy.

By pressing fire and up near any of the corners, you can climb the ropes. Balance on the top, and by pressing fire, you will jump with a flying knee kick. By pressing fire and up you can whack your opponent with a flying kick. But make sure you don't stay too long or you'll fall off!

An opponent who has been felled to the floor can be pinned by standing over and behind him. Press fire and down to leap on him then enter the trial of strength to get the point.


This great game was brought to you by...

Design Reflective Design
Programming Dave Hayes
Graphics Jon Smyth
Project Director Paul Ranson
Production Stewart Regan and Pat Stanley
Art Manager Shan Savage

This program, including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Ltd and no part may be copied, stored, translated or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Ltd.

Made in England
Published by CodeMasters Ltd.
PO Box 6, Leamington Spa, England.
CV33 0SH