WWF Wrestlemania
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean, Music: Sean Conran, Programming, Graphics and Design: Twilight,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The thrills and spills of the World Wrestling Federation brought to your screen! Test your strength in this musclebound wrestling extravaganza. Become the undisputed champion as Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior or the British Bulldog. Battle for survival against Sgt. Slaughter, the Warlord and a host of other WWF stars. Anything goes in this all-action event, and only the toughest survives!

After loading, you will be presented with an opening sequence. Pressing fire during this sequence will allow you to start the game. You will now be able to compete for the WrestleMania Belt, or to use the practice mode.

The first venue is the Britannic Arena, London, England.

The practice mode allows two player to compete in a head to head contest. Player One can select from any of the three challengers, and Player Two is always Mr. Perfect. On completion of the practice bout, you can play it again, or return to the title sequence.

When you select the compete option, you can choose to play one of the three challengers. Pressing left or right will move on to another challenger. Pressing fire will select the currently displayed challenger. You can choose to compete as one of the following three wrestlers:

Hulk Hogan -Legdrop of the ropes
Ultimate Warrior-Gorilla press
British Bulldog -Running power slam

In order to win the WrestleMania Belt, you must beat five of the toughest and meanest wrestlers in the WWF. These opponents each have their own special moves and their own style of fighting. You will face these wrestlers in the following order:

Mr. Perfect -Perfect plex
The Warlord -Full Nelson
Million $ Man -Million $ Man Sleeper hold
The Mountie -Drop headlock
Sgt. Slaughter -Camel clutch

At the start of the game you have 4 credits. Every time you lose a match, or you are forved to end your challenge attempt, an option screen will appear allowing you to replay the last match by using a credit. Once all your credits are used, the game will automatically go back to the opening sequence.

Before the start of each bout, your opponent wrestler will have a chance to say what he thinks about you. You will then be given the right to reply. You can select your reply by moving the control left or right. Once you have chosen your reply, pressing the fire button will select it. Your opponent will then be allowed to reply to your comments. Then it's time to go on!

Each bout will last a maximum of five minutes. During witch time the match can be won by pinning the opposing wrestler to the canvas for a count of three seconds. If there is not an outright victor by the end of the five minutes, then the match will be declared a draw, and your challenge for the WrestleMania Belt is over.

If any competitor is forced out of the ring, a twenty second clock is started. This clock will reset once both wrestlers are back in the ring. Should any competitor remain out of the ring long enough for the clock to reach twenty, then the match is declared void, and your challenge for the WrestleMania Belt is over.

Each wrestler has a strength indicator on either side of the screen. This strength level will determine how quickly the wrestler can recover from being knocked on the floor, or how quickly he can throw off someone who is pinning him. Your strength is deplented when you are hit or kicked, or when you are thrown to the ground.

As you can play the game, two different icons will appear on screen, indicating what action you should take.

This icon will appear when your wrestler is on the ground. Pressing the fire button rapidly will make your wrestler get to his feet, but if your wrestler is weak this may take a few seconds.

This icon will appear when you are grappling with your opponent. Moving the joystick rapidly from side to side will build up your grapple strength. This is shown by a growing bar at the side of the grapple icon. The first wrestler to make their bar reach maximum heigth wins the grapple. The winner of the grapple then executes his special move on the other wrestler.

*) When your wrestler is in the ring:
Walking movement -Joystick left, right, up, down and diagonals
Punch -Stand still + press fire
Kick -Move + press fire
Drop kick -Double fire + left or right
Run left -Double left
Run right -Double right
Exit ring -Push against the front ropes

*) When your wrestler is running:
Flying knee -Press fire
Flying kick -Direction + press fire

*) When your opponent is down:
Pin -Move over him and pull down + press fire
Stamp -Mover over him and press fire
Flying head kick -Press fire while on top of post

*) When you are near the post:
Climb post -Push towards post

*) When you are on the post:
Flying drop kick -Press fire
Climb off post -Push down

*) When you are outside the ring:
Enter/exit ring -Push against front ropes

Player 1 Joystick 2
Player 2 Joystick 1
Pause/restart -P

Its program code is the copyright of Ocean Software Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Ocean Software Limited. All rights are reserved.

WrestleMania, WWF, all other distinctive titles, names and character likeness used are trademarks of TitanSports, Inc. (c) 1991 All rights reserved

Hulk Hogan, Hulkamania and Hulkster are trademarks of Marvel
Entertainment Group, Inc., licensed exclusevily to TitanSports, Inc.
(c) 1991 All rights reserved

Programming, Graphics and Design by Twilight for Ocean Software Ltd.
Music by Sean Conran
Produced and Marketed by Ocean Software Ltd.