Zero Gravity Race
Copyright/Publisher: The Trance Condition, Coded & Graphics By: Mikko Auvinen, Music By:
Juha-Matti & Tero Hilpinen, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


At first, you must rename players, and you can do that by pressing 'R'.

After that, just press space to choose between one or two players.

You can control ship #1 with joystick in port 1 or with keys: Control and 'Z' to steer and 'I' to accelerate.

Ship #2 is controlled by joystick in port II.

When playing with joystick, use left/right to steer and joy up to accelerate.

Start racing with keys 0 to 9 (different tracks).

You must race five (5) rounds as fast as you can and if your fuel is running out, visit the gas-station, which is always located in the bottom of the screen.

And before quiting, press 'S' to save all the best times of each track to the disk.

And always press 'RESTORE' to get back to the main-screen.