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30th May 1999
Following Games were added:
Arcade Volleyball
Championship Sprint (Formula One)
Grand Prix (Formula One)
Pool - Compute (Snook/Pool)
Pottit - (Snook/Pool)
Ringside Boxing
Skateboard Joust
Ski (Courbois Software)
Following Racing-games were added:
Days Of Thunder
Hard Drivin
Indy Heat
Karting Grand Prix
Night Racer
Rally Driver
Rally Simulator
Following Motorcycling-games were added:
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
Grand Prix Master
Super Cross
Top Cross
Total Games: 535

29th May 1999
All sportgames-categories has the same layout now. And some graphicals changes was also made. The World Records-part is now online. Check it out!
8 Manuals were added.
Following Reviews were added:
Daley Thompson´s Olympic Challenge
Hole In One
Summer Olympiad
Super Sports
Following Tennis-games were added:
I Play 3D Tennis - thanks Dohi!
Tennis Manager
World Tennis
WP Tennis 2
Following Golf-games were uploaded:
Championship Golf
Miniature Golf
On Green - thanks Michael Plate
Following games were added:
Dream Team Basketball
Total Games: 512

24th May 1999
The Manuals- and Reviews-pages are now online. There isn´t much there yet, but it´s definitely worth a visit;-)
Today I have started to change some graphics again. Following section are so far changed: News, Links, Wanted, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Fighting and Weird. I have done the logo of each section to a better quality and with less space! On the last five sections I have remade the screenshots a bit. Stupid me have saved the screenshots with 256 colors. Everybody C64-fan knows that C64 only have 16 colors. So I have changed about 200 screenshots and they take less space. I have changed the english a bit on this 8 sections (thanks to my girlie!)
Following games were added:
Arena Football (American Football)
Basketball Manager
Championship Baseball
Computer Baseball - thanks Michael Plate!
Final Four College Basketball
Grave Yardage (Weird)
- thanks Michael Plate!
Gridiron (American Football)
Omni-Play Basketball
One On One Backyard Basketball
- thanks Michael Plate!
Pure-Stat Baseball
Rocket Ball (Weird)
Sam & Ed Basketballs
the Slugger
Warriors Of Zypar (Weird)
the World´s Greatest Baseball Game
ZFL Football (American Football)
-thanks Michael Plate!
Total Games: 504

23th May 1999
Following categories were uploaded:
Fighting (37 games)
Miscellaneous (18 games)
Wintersports (20 games)
Total Games: 488

22th May 1999
Changed the icon-menu a little and I hope it looks better to you!
For the first time there are some games who´s on two different categories. The games are both Skateboardgames: Skate Or Die is also a Multi Games and Rad Ramp Race is also a Cycling-game.
Following categories were uploaded:
Darts (13 games)
Rugby (8 games)
Skateboard (11 games)
And following games was added:
10...Knock Out (Boxing) thanks Dohi!
Boxen (Boxing)
Bully (Ice Hockey)
Intergalactic Cage Match (Wrestling)
- thanks Forrester!
Neutral Corner (Boxing)
Star Rank Boxing (Boxing)
Following Football-games were added:
the Boss
Bundesliga Manager v2
Bundesliga Live - thanks Martin Brunner!
Euro Boss
Kick Off (Bubble Bus) - thanks Martin Brunner!
Manchester United - The Official Computer Game - thanks Dohi!
Soccer II - thanks Martin Brunner!
Soccer IV - thanks Martin Brunner!
Soccer Master - thanks Martin Brunner!
Following Watersports-games were added:
GP F1 Nautica
Jet Bike Simulator
Sports Pack 4-Part 1: Canoe Race
Sports Pack 4-Part 2: Power Boat Race
Surf Champ
Surf Mania
The game America´s Cup have got a better version and this game was also changed to the real name: Arnie´s America Cup Challenge - thanks Dohi!
Total Games: 418

21th May 1999
I have changed the layout a bit and fixed some wrong downloadable links. I have also changed the html-code a bit and C64 Sports looks a little better with IE3. A Discussion Board was added too.
Following game were uploaded:
Major Indoor Soocer League (Football)
Total Games: 364

9th May 1999
Following categories were uploaded:
Cycling (14 games)
Snooker & Pool (19 games)
Watersports (10 games)
Weird (7 games)
Following games were uploaded:
Hunchback At The Olympics (Athletics)
Mark Set Go (Multi Games)
Hes Games (Multi Games)
Int. Sports Challenge (Multi Games)
Western Games (Multi Games)
Total Games: 363

8th May 1999
Changed the layout a bit and fixed some bugs. And C64 Sports looks almost the same on Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape 4+.
Following games were uploaded:
3D World Boxing Champion (Boxing)
Abrasco Golf(Golf)
Endzone (Am.Football)
Fight Night (Boxing)
Football Strategy (Am.Football)
John Madden Football (Am.Football)
(Thanks Forrester!)
Kikstart (Motorcycling)
Kikstart 2 (Motorcycling)
Knockout (Boxing)
Revs (Formula1)
Multi Games (14 games)
And following categories were uploaded:
Racing (21 games)
Total Games: 308

25th April 1999
Changed the menu a little bit and the link-, wanted- and news-page goes in the same style.
Following categories were uploaded:
Cricket (10 games)
Bowling (5 games)
Multi Games (14 games)
Athletics (5 games)
And following games were uploaded:
Master Wrestling (Wrestling)
Sumo Wrestlers (Wrestling)
Head Coach (Am.Football)
Striker (Football)
Total Games: 263

24th April 1999
Added 69 Football-Games. Total games on this site is 225.

23th April 1999
Link-page was uploaded and following games:
Championship Boxing
Davis Cup
GFL Championship Football
NBA Basketball
Play Golf
Pro Boxing
Pro Tennis Sim (thanks Iain Black!)
St Andrew´s Golf
Street Sports Football (thanks Iain Black!)

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