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25th July 1999
Press here for more details about the added sportgames!
Following games were added:
C64 Golf, thanks Eugene Fehr!
Cup Challenge (Watersports)
Go-Kart (Racing)
Pro Hockey, thanks Eugene Fehr!
Total Games: 745

23th July 1999
Today 23 new sportgames were added. 22 of them I got from Michael Plate, thank you very much! The 23th game is Worldcup Skiing 2, thanks to Roberst Sterff for sending me that!
Following Golf-games were added:
Golf (Courbios Software)
Miniature Golf (Compute! Publications)
Professional Tour Golf
Putt Putt Golf
Following Motorcycling-games were added:
1991 World Cup Knockout
Action Biker 99
Four Team Tournament
Team Championship II
Following Wintersport-games were added:
Downhill Racer-64
Hals Und Beinbruch
Worldcup Skiing II
Following Football-games were added:
Cracker League
Cup Football
the League
Following games were added:
4th & Inches Season Maker
(American Football)
Bowling Night
Korea Karate (Fighting)
Pro Boxing Simulator
Sports-A-Roni (Multi Events
Swordmaster II (Fighting)
Tiebreaker (Tennis)
Pro Sports Teams (Miscellaneous)
Total Games: 741

16th July 1999
Following games were added:
1000 Miglia (Racing)
Arcade Classic (Formula One)
Chevy Chase (Racing)
Cisco Heat (Racing)
Gerhard Berger´s F1 Quiz (Formula One)
Golf Construction Set (Golf)
Grand Prix 500cc (Motorcycle)
The game who was called 'Grand Prix' before is renamed to 500cc Grand Prix. This two games are almost identical, but Grand Prix 500cc is much better presented! This game is in a .tap-image.
Gravrace (Weird)
Highlander (Fighting)
Icehockey Manager (Icehockey)
Jetrace 2000 (Weird)
Karate Chop (Fighting)
Laser Kendo (Fighting)
Master Ninja (Fighting)
Night Driver (Racing)
No Limit (Racing)
On Court Tennis - Modified (Tennis)
Samurai Trilogy (Fighting)
Space Racer (Weird)
Suprallay (Racing)
Trener (Football)
Turf-Form (Miscellaneous)
Total Games: 718

12th July 1999
Following games were added:
Attack Of The Phantom Karate Devils (Fighting)
Blue Angels (Miscellaneous)
California Driver (Racing)
Circus Games USA (Multi Events)
Crazy Cars (Racing)
Crazy Cars 3(Racing)
F40 Pursuit - Crazy Cars 2 (Racing)
SCBA Boxing
Sgt Slaughters Mat Wars (Wrestling)
Super Lätkä 2 (Ice Hockey)
- thanks, Tomi Malinen!
Supertrux (Racing)
WCBA Boxing
Total Games: 696

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