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29th June 1999
Following games were added:
Classic Punter (Miscellaneous)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Daily Double Horse Racing (Miscellaneous)
First Past The Post (Miscellaneous)
Horse Race Game (Miscellaneous)
Horse Racing (Miscellaneous)
Kentucky Derby (Miscellaneous)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Kentucky Racing (Miscellaneous)
Pferde Bahn (Miscellaneous)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Planet Pimlico (Miscellaneous)
Quarterhorse (Miscellaneous)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Sport Of Kings (Miscellaneous)
Super Rider (Miscellaneous)
Ultra Smash (Weird)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Total Games: 684

26th June 1999
Following games were added:
3D Stock Car (Racing)
Bouncy Cars (Formula One)
Bouncy Cars Revenge (Formula One)
Football Manager World Cup Edition (German Version)
Hyper Cars (Formula One)
Manager (Football)
Richard Petty´s Talladega (Racing)
Soccer Games (Football)
Speed Racer (Formula One)
Speed Racer 2 (Formula One)
Tennis Manager 2
Total Games: 671

21th June 1999
Following manuals were added:
Kings Of The Beach
Out Run
Turbo Outrun
Total Manuals: 39

18th June 1999
Following Cycling-games were added:
BMX Ninja
BMX Racer
Champ BMX
Professional BMX Simulator
Following Racing-games were added:
Car Race
Hot Wheels
Out Run
Rally Speedway
Rally Speedway 2
Test Drive
Test Drive 2
Turbo Outrun
Total Games: 660

17th June 1999
25 Manuals were added! Thanks to Dero Vito for all help with that!
Following games were added:
4x4 Off-Road Racing
Bowling (High Tech)
Racing Destruction Set
Following games were erased:
Mondial Simulation (Football) - The version of this sportgame on this site wasn´t playable.
Total Games: 647

13th June 1999
Two new parts were added. I think that, the first of them "Advertisements" is a really cool one, CHECK IT OUT! I believe that C64 Sports is the only site around who has this cool thing! The other one "Hints/Tips" is also worth a visit! There are not so much there yet, but it´s up to you to send in Hints and Tips for any sportgames!
Following games were added:
American Basketball Heroes
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (Racing)
Hoops (Weird)
Metrocross (Weird)
SFI Street Wrestling
SFI Wrestling
Skeet (Miscellaneous)
Slalom (Wintersports)
Step On Step (Atletics) - thanks, Jez!
Stock Car (Racing)
Stocker (Racing)
Street Machine - (Formula One)
Total Games: 645

12th June 1999
Following games were added:
100 Meter Dash (Athletics)
Aerobics (Miscellaneous)
Alley Oops (Bowling)
Basketball, the game of all games
- thanks, Jez!
Bowling Baan
CDS Bowling
Chambers Of Shaolin (Multi Events)
Circus Games (Multi Events)
Combat School (Multi Events)
European Champions (Football)
- thanks, Dohi!
Drazen Petrovic Basketball - thanks, Jez!
Gilm Football (Am.Football) - thanks, Jez!!
Hardball 2 - Team Selection (Baseball)
International Basketball
Nostalga Speedway (Motorcycling)
On Track Racing (Formula One)
Speed Boat Race (Watersports)
Speedway (Formula One)
Speedway (Motorcycling)
Team Championship 1992 (Motorcycling)
Turbo 64 (Formula One)
White Water (Watersports)
Total Games: 632

11th June 1999
Following Football-games were added:
Bundesliga 88
Bundesliga 98 - thanks, Michael Plate!
the Double
Eurostar Soccer
European II
Fast Soccer - thanks, Michael Plate!
Football Director
Football Manager 2 Expansion Kit
Football Manager 2 German
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Football Manager 95
Football Supremo - thanks, Jez!
the Footballer - thanks, Michael Plate!
Fussball Trainer - thanks, Michael Plate!
Fussball Trainer 3 - thanks, Michael Plate!
Goalkeeper - thanks, Jez!
International 5 A Side Football
- thanks, Michael Plate!
International Football
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Italian Cup Football
Jimmy´s Soccer Manager
Kenny Dalglish´s Football Management
- thanks, Michael Plate!
League Soccer
League Soccer´91
Manager - thanks, Michael Plate!
Mondial Simulation - thanks, Jez!
Peter Beardsley´s Int.Football
- thanks, Jez!
Professional Soccer
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Profi-Fussball - thanks, Michael Plate!
Soccer 3000
Soccer Boss - thanks, Michael Plate!
Soccer Quest - thanks, Jez!
Starbyte Super Soccer (English)
Starbyte Super Soccer (German)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Super League
Super League Soccer
Super Soccer
Team Chef
Timmy´s Super League - thanks, Jez!
Voetbal 64
Voetbal Manager - thanks, Michael Plate!
World Champions
World Championship Soccer
Worldcup 90
World Cup Manager - thanks, Jez!
Total Games: 609

9th June 1999
Following games were added:
Hockey - thanks, Michael Plate!
Ringside Boxing (1998) - thanks, Michael Plate!
Robin Smith´s International Cricket
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Super Boxing - thanks, Michael Plate!
Tim Love´s Cricket - thanks, Michael Plate!
Total Games: 564

7th June 1999
Following games were added:
Artemis (Miscellaneous)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Brands Delux (Formula One)
DWF Bashermania (Wrestling)
DWF Superheroes of Wrestling 1,2 and 3
Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge (Miscellaneous)
Nato Assoult Course (Miscellaneous)
Ninja Master (Miscellaneous)
Over The Top (Miscellaneous)
World´s Greatest Football Game (Am.Football)
Total Games: 559

6th June 1999
Following Reviews were added:
A Question Of Sport - thanks Dero Vito!
Clubhouse Sports
the Games: Summer Edition
the Games: Winter Edition
International Soccer - thanks Dero Vito!
Pro Golf
Skate Crazy - thanks Dero Vito!
Street Cred Boxing
Following games were added:
3D Speedway (Formula One)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
A Question Of Sport (Miscellaneous)
Brian Jack´s Superstar Challenge
(Multi Events)
Bronx Medal (Multi Events)
Computer Quarterback (Am. Football)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Cycles (Motorcycling)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Go For The Gold (Multi Events)
Gold Medal Games (Multi Events)
Fiendish Freddy (Multi Events)
Home Hungaroring (Formula One)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Play A Match (Tennis)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Pub Games (Multi Events)
Speed King (Mastertronic)(Motorcycling)
- thanks, Michael Plate!
Total Games: 548

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