All American Basketball
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Graphics By: Neil Hislop,
Programming By: Dave Sowerby, Music By: Andrew Rodger,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Basketball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Magic Johnson. Michael Air Jordan. Michael Jumping Jackson. Marmalade Jimmy Jam. Martin Dead Boddy. Kareem Abdul-Jubbar. Yep, we can only be talking basketball here. All American Basketball, in fact. That's the name of the game (though it could do with a nickname).

Options include being able to choose the length of each half and the colour of your shirt (most important for the fashion conscious player). AABB is a one- or two-player game. In both you can take part in a single match or an entire tournament which pits you against the biggest and best teams in the US.

AABB is a sports sim to suit two standards of players - the not very good at all and the tactical geniuses. Playing against an amateur team is akin to having a one-on-one with three-legged hamster.

But thrashing it out with pro opponents is a different kettle of marine life all together. They wizz around the court like very whizzy things, and unless you're highly paid professional or very lucky (or perhaps skillful), you won't get a look in.

The control system's a bit weird similar to a lot of footie games really. Hold the fire button down for a powerful lob and jab it for a close shot at the hoop. Not exciting but it works (like motorway contrflow systems), to an extent.

AABB isn't really a basketball game. It's a footie game with a couple of minor changes (mostly to the graphics). It ain't bad, but it doesn't really offer anything new. So unless your fed up with green, or a team sports sim aficionado, strike it off the essential list.

Smooth scrolling.
Good use of sound.
A sports sim that isn't predominantly green.

Limited range of moves - too few fancy shots on offer.
Difficult to control where the ball is going.
Basically a footie sim with different colous All that waggling get a bit wearying, and I don't just mean on your wrists.



Take part in a tournament and hope you get drawn against rubbish teams.
Oi, you over there on the left. Are you paying attention?
If it wasn't for the borwn court this could be footie!