American Club Sports
European Release of Club House Sports
Copyright/Publisher: Mindscape/SportTime/Designstar Consultants, Designed By: Ed Ringler,
Created By: Simon Ffinch, Ed Ringler, Ed Ringler Sr., John Wilson & Mike Ferrando,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Step right up sir and enter the Sport Time Clubhouse. Get your cue ot to play a typically English or French game of BILLIARDS (American sports, who needs 'em?). How about CRAZY POOL with its tables crammed with bumpers, holes and generally zany obstacles to shoot around?

And if you tire of the pool tables we have here, why not construct your own wild and wacky tables - we'll provide the wood. If cue-chalking, ball-potting, cueball-shooting action isn't for you then get down to it on the PINBALL table but don't bash the table, Tilting isn't going to do your wizard gamesplaying abilities any good either.

Never heard of SKEEBALL, sir? You'll recognise it when you see it - basically you've got a target of five rings inside one another with the biggest points to be had in the middle. Use the crosshair to aim and roll your balls up the ramp.

Fancy your chances as a deadeye dick? Well then get the old airgun out and blast away at those rabbits, ducks and fish in the SHOOTING GALLERY. Hit the turtle for double points or that pseky squirrel just for the hell of it but don't shoot your opponent's target - it'll lose you points.

And finally, although it may not be the most American of sports, TABLE FOOTBALL is fun to play so get your kit on and spin those men in the faithful recreation of every young boy's Xmas present.

The parameters behind all six games are open to modification including the skill levels, length of game time, speed of play, number of players (up to four) and other factors particular to each game (such as the presence of a Tilt option on the Pinball game or the weight, recoil and speed of the gun in the Shooting Gallery).

Well this isn't exactly a totally original idea, that's for sure. It's a mixture of simple-idea games, most of which weren't all that hot to start with (although the mass of options offers good scope of play).

The games are as playable as they could be (the Shooting Gallery having a certain charm in two player mode) but the graphics and feeble sound effects fail to inspire.

A good game for those of you seeking nostalgia but there are certainly better ideas of sports games around at the moment. The multiload is also a pain.

What a surprise. With a title like American Club Sports I expected baseball, basketball and American football. Instead, we get billiards, pinball and table football! All of these 'sports' are implemented in a very simple fashion and playing them on your own is not the most exciting experience ever devised.

So it's just as well there's a multi-player option which provides some competition. This is where the real fun starts as each competitor attempts to outscore his rivals.

The simultaneous two-player events are especially enjoyable, my favourite being the hilariously frantic table football. Six games for the price of one isn't bad value.


Annoyingly prominent multiload gives you the time to read the comprehensive manual!.
Patchy but detailed for most event. Adequate use of colour.
The tunes aren't remarkable and the sound effects are merely adequate.
Multiload makes it difficult to get into the game.
A considerable number of options for each event but the incentive to come back isn't all that strong.
Old but playable games providing variation on the traditional sports theme. Best with two players.