APB - All Points Bulletin
Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen, Produced By: Walking Circles,
Coding By: Carleton Handley, Music By: David Whittaker,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Originally a Domark/Tengen release, this conversion of the hit Atari coin-op features Officer Bob desperately trying to keep his badge. It's a tough life being a cop you see, every day brings a new quota of criminals to catch.

Starting with arresting some traffic cones at police HQ, Bob soon graduates to patrolling the city in pursuit of litterbugs, honkers, drunks, hitchhikers and occasionally giving help. There's also periodic news of major league criminals such as Candy Goodbody who give big bonus points if arrested.

The city is shown from above with a smooth multidirectional scroll and some varied, if not overly detailed graphics. A cheerful tune provides audio accompaniment as you steer your police car around the surprisingly large city. Watch out for doughnot shops (extra time) and petrol stations for gas refills and car upgrades. Arrests are made simply by moving the siren cursor over the perp.

However, major league criminals can take a lot of persuading to finally give in. Once you've got the perp, or have filled your daily arrest quota, you have to rush back to police HQ before time runs oout. If you have a major criminal a joystick-waggling interrogation scene is loaded in.

In Issue 54 APB made the cover with a Sizzling 90%, Phil said, 'This is great. The feeling of satisfaction when you bang one of the 15 most wanted felons behind bars is immense.' Robin preferred the C64 version to the Amiga one due to 'a slightly easier to control car and some excellent car graphics'.

Over a year on, the originality, humour and playability is still strong. Later missions do get very tough (there are 32 in all) and loading each one can be a bit of a pain on tape. Still well worth a look as a fun and funny game.