Barry McGuigan's World Championship Boxing
Copyright/Publisher: Activision/Gamestar, Created by: Troy Lyndon, Concept/Graphics by: Doug
Barnett, Produced by: Scott Orr & John Cutter, Music by: Tommy Dunbar & John Fitzpatrick,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Poor old Bazzer, he's had a tough time of it lately. It was bad enough losing his title to Steve Cruz in a Las Vegas car park, but now Barney Eastwood's taken him to the cleanes for a bit of bad-mouthing (I thought boxers were supposed to do that!).

I'm sure the 600.000 libel award will go some way to alleviating poor old Barney's upset - I wish someone would bad-mouth me! (You've got it, git features! - Ed).

Oh well, at least Barry's computer game's still the champion, holding the title for an incredible six years. Okay, so the opposition's been only marginally better than Bruno's, but there's certainly no sign of brain damage here. Gameplay's still as sharp as ever with a powerful hook.

You don't get to control McGuigan himself - in fact, he's one of 19 fighters up against you. Before you start your rise to glory, you must 'assemble' your boxer, choosing his personality, fighting style etc.

Challenge another fighter (at first, only the worst two boxers are available) and it's time to do some training. By allocating units of training time to five areas (light bag, heavy bag, shopping bag etc) you can improve vanous physical aspects.

The fight takes place in a pseudo 3-D ring with the well animated boxers shown side-on. Combinations of joystick direction and fire allow access to nine possible moves, including jabs, uppercuts, hooks and the defensive 'guard up'.

It's very playable stuff, and the computer opponents all have different styles so you really have to box clever. Alternatively you can punch a friend's lights out in the neal two-player mode which also allows both of you to challenge computer opponents. It may be old, but Barry Mcguigan' still a classy fighter.