Copyright/Publisher: Digital Integration, Release Year: 1986,
Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Imagine travelling at 80mph, four inches above a sheet of ice - that's the sport of bobsleigh.

The action starts with a management screen, which allows the team to be trained, a new bob purchased, new runners fitted, the racing venue changed, the current track examined, or a new season started.

This screen also enables the player to keep track of his finances, which are boosted by sponsorship and depleted by accidents and the continual maintenance of the team and bob. Should the player go bankrupt, the game is over,

The course is viewed in 3D from a participan'ts viewpoint. At the start the joystick is waggled to push the bob, and fire pressed to jump in. The sled is steered left and right and avoids contact with the track walls to maximise speed.

At the finish, the driver's start is rated, and the total time and cost of repairs are displayed.

Any computer 'simulation' relires on whether the graphics convey a sensation of actually participating in the event or experience. Bobsleigh never really gets over this hurdle, and since this represents its main objective, the superb options and management screens are therefore superfluous.

The screen update is slow, and sometimes the vector movement becomes synchronised, so that the sled appears to be stationay or even moving backwards!

There is some limited enjoyment to be gleaned from Bobsleigh, but it has stiff competition in the sports simulation range...

The first thing that strikes you are the naff graphics. The annoying thing is that the rest of the game is superb, with a huge array of options and an enjoyable management side - but as the action depends upon the racing scenes, it falls well below its potential.

The sound is nothing special either. Given the potential that lies in such en exciting sport, this has got to be regarded as a missed opportunity.


Many options, and a very slick menu system.
Terrible 3D that fails to create any feeling of speed.
Paltry sound, with some grotty Mozart and minimal racing effects.
Not very tempting, since racing is difficult to succeed at, and management can be baffling.
It's very hard to progress, and the difficult gameplay is ultimately offputting.
A missed opportunity for a spectacular sports simulation.