Championship 3D Snooker
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Created By: Steven Walters, Music By:
Sonic Graffiti, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Now this is more like it. 3d views (sort of) and playability. You can't ask for more (but you might ask for cheaper). Here you've got the standard rules of snooker, a top view in which to plan your shots and a 3D view in which to see the balls rolling around like, er, a lot of coloured balls.

3D Snooker, is rather sophisticated. The balls actually behave as they're supposed to, and you can spin, swerve, screw and smash the cue-ball all over the shop.

The program keeps all scores, high breaks and other details, and tells you what you're supposed to be going for next. It's possible to plan your breaks just like a real player.

But unless you practise 23 hours a day (like a real player), you'll be lucky to pot more than two or three balls in a row.

Yes, 3D Snooker is a great game. I phoned the Crucible and they told me that snooker tables cost 2000, so you're getting a real barg at 4 for this. Snap it up and start hitting the green baize (whatever that is).


More fun than real snooker (and heaps more fun that that Big Break rubbish they show at tea-time on Saturdats).

If I line up the purple, just behind the orange, I can cannon into the beige and leave myself in a perfect position.