Championship Wrestling - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Created By: Richard Ditton, Elaine Ditton, Timothy Skelly, David
Thiel & Lonnie Ropp, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

This attempt at a convincing wrestling sim falls flat on its face, in a flying suplex pile-driver. On other words, it sucks a biggie. The game involves eight moronic sultans of slam, each coming with a whole host of pathetic wrestling moves and a couple of custom moves thrown in for good measure.

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the game is rowdy spectators who wave bloodthirsty banners, eg 'mangle' and 'get a job'. Choose who you want to be - from the flashy KC Colossus to the baddest of the bad, Prince Vicious. Take on all eight computer-controlled pilchards in a single elimination round, just like the Royal Rumble! Or invite up to seven friends around for a truly thrilling afternoon. What fun!

Before the action starts (yawn) there's an option to practise your chosen wrestler's special moves. With loads of different types of modes, moves, and tantrums it's all a little bewildering to say the least. But in the immortal words of Ian Osborne, 'You've got to waggle it!'

The only moves worth any real points are the special move and a pindown (sounds a dubious technique to me - Ed); all the others are worth peanuts, and are really a waste of time.

Much too complicated for any real control, uninspiring graphics and mediocre sounds ensures that within a very short space of time you'll be wrestling with your C64 in an Atomic drop-kick out of the nearest window.