Continental Circus
Copyright/Publisher: The Sales Curve/Virgin Mastertronic/Taito Corporation,
Programmed By: Pete Hickinson & Bill Caunt, Graphics By: Mark Edwards,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

As long as you're not expecting a perfect conversion of the stereoscopic 3-D coin-op, this ain't a bad little motor, John.

As in Super Monaco, you have to pass enough cars to achieve the qualifying rank. There are also checkpoints which must be reached in time.

Smashing into another car results in smoke pouring from your engine - wait too long before visiting the pits and it explodes.

As an arcade game it plays fairly well, though it's a bit on the easy side. Realism is lacking, as there's no need to slow down at all to get round most corners.

So it's full throttle all the way in a simple but enjoyable driving game.