Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd, Programmed By: Richard Palmer &
David Collier, Sound By: Jonathan Dunn, Graphics By: John Palmer,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 1

Waggle waggle waggle SNAP! Arrrgghhh, I've broken me bleedin' arm! This has to be the hardest joystick-waggler of all time.

Daley starts off in the gym, waggling to do various exercises help him in the ensuing decathlon - you're knackered before he's even started!

All ten events involve yet more hard waggling to attempt harse qualifying standards. This is a test of sheer endurance rather than skill, and a flippin' painful one too.

A shame, as the game looks really good with a brilliantly animted Daley in training and some realistic grunt FX - pity you can't hear them above your own groans of agony!