European Soccer Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Players, Music By: Sonic Graffiti,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Time to put the boot in. This latest foray into footie sims is appaling. It sets out to mimic the winning formula on Anco's Kick Off and fails miserably on every count.

The overhead view of the pitch is just about right, as is the neat power bar which provides a guide to the force of your kicks. Other than this, however, the whole thing is pathetic.

Movement is jerky, and so is the pitch when it scrolls. The computer controlled players, both on your team and on the opposing team, are about as proficient at football as Gery Lineker - with both his legs broken.

To top it all, there are no visable goal keepers. Oh yes, and scoring is simplay a case of walking the ball across the goal line, hardly conductive to a right old rivetting match is it?

The graphics are average, the sound negligible and the less said about the gameplay the better. It might just be worth it to laugh at the outrageous cassette inlay, and I quote, 'Never before has soccer action been so realistically portrayed on the computer screen.' Wot a scream.


Ouch, this is agony, playing this tripe that is - not my injuries. I've had more fun with a bedpan and a cold handed nurse.

Looks quite respectable doesn't it? Don't be fooled. This is a truly dreadful game. Hang on, is that Dick Tracy out on the left swing?