Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun
Copyright/Publisher: Mindscape/Gray Matter, Created by Chris Gray, Conversion By:
Imagitec Design Ltd, Production: Neil Young & Phil Harrison, Managed by: Axel, Coding: Axel,
Leslie Long & Simon Golding, Graphics: Kristi Louise Herd, Music By: Imagitec Design Ltd,
Game Design By: Chris Gray, Rob Andersson, Ed Zolnieryx, Raymond Cheang &
Dennis Turner, Release year: 1989, Genre: Multi Events, No. of Players: 1 to 5

If the Poll Tax wasn't bad enough, I.M. Tightwad's blasted bank is demanding instant repayment of its $10.000 loan otherwise it's going to seize the circus! There's only one way to raise the money - to put on the performance of a lifetime... but the traitorous clown Fiendish Freddy has been sent to sabotage the show!

After a hilarious scene-setting intro, prospective circus savers are asked to step forward by a carnival hawker. Up to five people can participate, either putting on a whole show or choosing to practise one of the six event. Each event is a separate load, divided by an appearance by the five judges who award each player cash for his performance.

The first act is Phenomenal Feats Of Diving Daring, where Horace climbs an immensely high platform ti dive into a barrel first, then as the height increases, a teacup! You must ensure he lands on target, despite Fiendish Freddy trying to blow him off course with a fan, and also perform various manoeuvres. Waggling the joystick builds up momentum until you can assume such positions as Ballet and Dive Bomb!

Genuine Juggling Genius is required by Jeffy-Joe the unicycling clown, with a seal tossing him skittles and flaming torches. Left/right moves the clown or, if fire is held down, causes the appropriate hand to throw up. Jeffy-Joe must also watch out for bombs and even a baby which has to be returned to its cot!

In Breattaking Bravado from Hazardous Heights the scantily clad Finola must leap from swinging trapeze to swinging trapeze.

The Deadly and Dangerous Daggers of Death has Knancy tied onto a spinning wheel with several balloons. You must hurl a limited number of knives, bursting the balloons without hitting the girl.

Tony Tiptoe is the star of Tense Travel Techniques on Tightrope. A screen-long stretch of rope has to be traversed using forward to move across, with left/right controlling the vital balancing pole. Relatively easy - until Freddy starts throwing razor-edged Frisbees!

The final event is the explosive Combustible Cannons of Colossal Courage. Fernando climbs into a cannon filled with TNT. You must then quickly place a trampoline where you think he'll land. Then the cannon begins to fall down; press fire when you've got the right angle and Fernando goes flying!

However badly you mess up an event, you carry on through all six to be rewarded by an amusing end-game sequence.

When Amiga Freddy Sizzled last year, we regarded C64 conversion with scepticism. But a sensible C64 multiload means almost nothing has been lost - there's even the hilarious intro. Considering the manic cartoon-style humour of the original, including a scene where the fallen tightrope walker clings to the rope before Freddy smashes his hand, this is an incredible achievement.

But behind the graphics there's lots of playability - the juggling is particularly fun. In effect Freddy offers six hilarious above-average mini-games which can be combined into a single big game, all at a bargain price. Great fun!

The Amiga game was hilarious fun and Fiendish Freddy has lost none of its humorous appeal in the conversion to the 64. The events are pretty much the same as they were: all very playable in their own right and brilliantly presented with gorgeous cartoon graphics.

Of course there's most fun is with more than one player - even if you don't save the circus, you can have brilliant multi-player competitions. The game's strongest point is undoubtedly its wicked sense of humour, which makes even losing very amusing. If Fiendish Freddy doesn't raise a smile you must have a worse sense of humour than the Scorelord!


Attractive box, amusing and informative instructions, five player option, brilliant intro/interlevel sequences, plus a very well thought out multiload.
The fantastic, cartoon-style original has been brilliantly converted. Tons of humour, imagination and great animation will amaze you!
Appropritely circus-like tunes for each event, plus effective spot FX.
Great intro, friendly multiload and easily accessible gameplay make it very easy to get hooked...
...saving the Big Top is a substantial challenge, while multi-player option makes for fun competition.
The funniest, whackiest game yet seen on the C64.