Fist Fighter
Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Programming By: Dave Sowerby,
Graphics By: Neil Hislopr, Music By: Andrew Rodger,
Release Year: 1993, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Some do it standing up, some do it pirouetting and some even do it on their heads. But you have to admit that if you're going to hit someone, the natural way to do it is to clench your fist and blat'em.

The odd thing about Fist Fighter, then, is that there's only one character who can do any serious damage with his fists. The other four fighters rely on odd tactics to beat their opponents to pulp.

There's Gino, who simply draws a knife on his foes (that hardly seems very sporting - Ed) and a chap with special psychic powers that could knock out a bad-tempered bull at full 20 paces.

Each fighter has 11 moves that he (wot no shes?) can perform in battle - 10 attacking and one defensive - all of which are joystick controlled. They also each have another, extra special, attribute: their biting wit.

After every bout, they shout abuse at each other, supposedly to psycho them up for the next battle. But some of the spiel they spout is seriously amusing.

Some people might note a few similarities between Fist Fighter and a certain smash hit game that's been number one in the charts recently. I certainly did.

Fist Fighter, at just under four quid, wins the price war if you just feel the need for any old beat-'em up to bash around. But on most other points it takes a pasting.

The sprite graphics are comparable to those in 'the other game', but you've really got to concentrate to see what's happening against the fuzzy backgrounds. Most of the back drops are brown and so are most of fighters - Otis is virtually invisible in Egypt.

The control system is a pretty hit or miss affiar. A lot of the time it's tough to get the player to do what you want; on the other hand, on when the control are being sluggish.

There are five difficulty levels but only three locations and not as many combatants as other beat-'em-up's around. But on the whole, as a cheaper version of you know what, it's a bit of a barg.

So if you can't wait a year for that game to come out on budget, this'll fill the gap.


Budget price clone of a famous beat-'em-up.
The slanging matches are a good laugh.
Loads of possible moves to try out.
Poorly designed backgrounds.
Sluggish controls.
Only five fighters.

Have you ever seen those Japanese marital arts movies where the actors fly all over the place? Ridiculous, aren't they?
Push, two, three, four, stretch, two, three, four... look will you try to keep in time to the music and only jump when I do.