Game Set And Match 2
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software, Release Year: 1988,
Genre: Various, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

MATCHDAY 2 - One of the best football games around: well worth a look if you want something with a bit more depth than Emlyn Hughes.

BASKET MASTER - Two player basketball game which was quite good on the Amstrad. Oh's an alternative summing up, isn't it?

TRACK AND FIELD - Fairly accurate version of the coin op - but both are a bit dated now anyway.

NICK FALDO'S OPEN - Complex, but that's its problem: the more relazed style of Leaderboard easily beats it.

STEVE DAVIS SNOOKER - Just about the best snooker sim available to date, but that's not saying a great deal.

IAN BOTHAM'S CRICKET - Extremely poor cricket sim, which even the most ardent Big Both fan would knock his balls off for.

SUPER HANG ON - If this is the version that we saw in ZZAP! Towers ten months agon, you're in for a laugh. Let's hope it isn't.

INDOOR SPORTS - Very much one for beer-swillers and belly-builders only; enjoyable for a short time.

SUPERBOWL - The second best American football sim available.

WINTER OLYMPIAD - Tynesoft's challenge to the Games series - and pretty good it is, too.


There are so many games here - and so few good ones. If you've got any two from Matchday 2, Winter Olympiad and Steve Davis Snooker, forget it. Go and buy a thirtieth of an Amiga instead.