The Games: Summer Edition - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Kixx/Epyx, Programmers: Ed Chu, Peter Engelbrite, Kevin Furry, Carl Mey,
Scott Nelson, Kevin Norman & Chuck Sommerville, Graphic Artists: Suzie Greene,
Sheryl Knowles, Art Koch, Muffy McCosh, Matthew Sarconi, Steve Snyder &
Paul Vernon, Music & Sound Effects: Chris Ebert, Chris Grigg & Bob Vieira,
Rerelease Year: 1991, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

Personally I don't think these games work very well on cassette. Because you have to load each event separately the annoyance factor outweights the pleasure you get from it.

It's unfortunate really as there's something strangely enjoyable about games that involve a lot of joystick waggling (yes...he's at that funny age - Ed).

If there's one thing I can't fault about the game is the presentation. It opens with a 3D flypast of the stadium in which the games take place - very impressive. But it's merely cosmetic. Fortunately where it counts, in the game itself, the graphics are equally impressive.

Each competitor sprite is exquisitely animated. And this coupled with the excellent backdrops makes it a real treat to watch. As for gameplay, well there are only so many variations on the joystick waggling game you can have.

Still,each event has been given a complementary control method, each working equally well. The cycling involves fast waggling, the parallel bars require teasing the joystick to build up the momentum of your athlete and diving is simply selecting the manoeuvre you wish to use then watching the result.

If you can tolerate the long wait when loading in the separate events then there's a seamless and highly playable athletics sim' here for even the most ardent wrist shifters.


This game is slick in every respect but one. The annoying loading times between the events.

One of the more skillful events in The Games. No frantic joystick waggling, just gently ease the stick around to perform graceful acrobatics.