The Games: Winter Edition (Rerelease)
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Graphics by: Suzie Greene, Sheryl Knowles, Jenny Martin,
Muffy McCosh, Matthew Sarconi, Steve Snyder & Paul Vernon, Sound and Music:
Chris Ebert & Chris Grigg, Programmers: Edward Chu, Fuzzy Furry, Eric Knopp,
Carl Mey, Scott Nelson, Kevin Norman, Edwin Reich, Al Rubin & Chuck Sommerville,
Release Year: 1988 Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

Originally released to coincide with the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Epyx's sports sim comprises seven events.

Luge has you waggling to push your sledge at the start of the chosen toboggan run where you steer left and right to take the shortest route around the bends.

Then it's on with your best frilly skirt for the Figure Skating. First you must choreograph your routine by choosing your music style and compiling a sequence of jumps and spins which you will perform afterwards.

More skating next, but you dispense with the skirt in favour of a figure-hugging bodysuit for Speed Skating. Compete against a computer or human opponent by moving left and right in time with the skater's arms as he glides around the oval track.

Next it's out on the piste for a spot of skiing: first, the Downhill. The first-person 3-D action is interrupted by the side-on camera views (whose position you select) where you can show off by doing flips. Slalom is shown in Zaxxon-style with you competing against a computer or human opponent, weaving between the flags.

Then put on your milk-bottle glasses and silly grin for the high-flying Ski Jump, steering down the ramp and controlling your position in the air. It may be dangerous but don't worry: if you finish last you might become an overnight celebrity!

Finally, there's the Cross Country Skiing: move left and right with the skier's legs and fire to thrust him down the hills.

Back in Issue 40 the game earned a respectable 76% with Paul Sumner the most enthusiastic reviewer. The other two weren't as keen with Paul Glancey finding the more complex events 'excruciatingly difficult to complete' while Gordo wondered 'if the Epyx bubble has finally burst.'

In fact none of the events are outstanding: the best are the simpler, simultaneous two-player ones. The graphics aren't that hot either (maybe it's all that snow), though there's a lot of variation in perspective.

Worst of all is the multiload which is a real pain - you spend more time loading than playing. Still, as with most multi-eventers the sheer variety gives the game some value at the budget price.



Opening Ceremony


Cross Country

Figure Skating

Ski Jump