The Games: Winter Edition
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Graphics by: Suzie Greene, Sheryl Knowles, Jenny Martin,
Muffy McCosh, Matthew Sarconi, Steve Snyder & Paul Vernon, Sound and Music:
Chris Ebert & Chris Grigg, Programmers: Edward Chu, Fuzzy Furry, Eric Knopp,
Carl Mey, Scott Nelson, Kevin Norman, Edwin Reich, Al Rubin & Chuck Sommerville,
Release Year: 1988 Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8

Epyx's reworking of the winter theme isn't as playable as their original Winter Games. It's still brilliantly presented (apart from the two-dsik multiload), though, and most of the seven events are good fun.

Among the best are downhill and slalom skiing. As well as a fast 3-D view, you get intermittent 2-D scenes from the cameras placed along the piste.

Speed Skating is also a laugh with a great two-player mode. One of the most sophisticated events (though a trifle dull) is the figure skating. Budding Christopher Deans can even plan out a choreographed routine and choose a suitable piece of music.

A lot of the events are tricky to start with, the tiniest mistake completely mucking things up, but once you get the hang it's pretty playable.



Opening Ceremony


Cross Country

Figure Skating

Ski Jump