Grand Prix Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Programming By: Adrian Sheppard, Music By:
David Whittaker, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

In Code Master's new racing game, one or two players battle a computer-controlled drone car in a series of three-lap races over 12 tracks.

The action is viewed from above, and the cars race around the track in the quickest possible time. Collision with the side of the track, or a hazard such as an oil slick or puzzle, causes the car to slow down.

Winning is all-important, since coming last in a race means the end of the game.

Julian Rignall
Code Masters' Super Sprint rip-off isn't all that bad. The cars look like rectangular slabs and the backdrops are pretty bland, but the game offers quite a bit of fun, especially in the two player mode.

Control is tricky, with cars sliding around like they're on ice, and it's often difficult to tell which way they're facing, but overall the action is enjoyable, if not a mite repetitive. Definitely one to try if you're a Super Sprint fan.

I must confess to preferring this version of Super Sprint to the Activision one, simply because of the lack of bugs! The game is fast, competitive and quite enjoyable - especially in the two player mode.

The miniscule 'cars' move as if they are in a muddy rally course, swerving all over the track, but the control is less finnicky than its big brother, and quite comfortable when using the keyboard. Not a bad purchase for two quid - you even get digitised speech. Funny accent though...


One or two player option, but the long delay between plays is annoying.
Pathetic sprites and fairly bland backdrops.
Run-of-the-mill Dave Whittaker tune and spot effects.
Controlling the cars is tricky, but bearable.
The 12 different circuits tend toward the repetitive, although there's always fun to be had with the two player mode.
Not overly thrilling, but should provide some fun for Super Sprint fans.