Grave Yardage
Copyright/Publisher: Activision Developed By: Incredible Technologies,
Design Integrity: Jim Zielinski, Programmed By: Robert Fuentes Jr. &
Jeff Gonjon, Graphics By: R. Scott Morrison, Music By: Kyle Johnson,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

American Football players have never been so ugly. The teams in Grave Yardage have a variety of foul monsters playing for them, including ogres, trolls, ghouls and zombies.

Astroturf is obviously too nice for such players so matches are played on a minefield! In this one or two-player game the basic aim is to earn points by hacking as many of the opposing team as possible.

A secondary objective is to move the ball down the field using running and passing plays under the normal 'four downs to gain 10 yards' system. here, though, the ball carrier runs until he's killed by the defence! Carry the ball into the opposing enzone and you score a 'smashdown', worth 100 points.

Both offence and defence get to choose their plays from scrolling menus. The team line-ups can also be altered to suit the favoured type of tactics. Just remember, you can never be too offensive!

The best aspect of Grave Yardage is undoubtedly its sick humour with the defence attempting to 'hack' the quarterback! You even get a bonus for massacring all the opposing team members.

With so much fighting going on it's like a Leeds away match with football secondary to outright thuggery. Still, it's all done in a fun, lighthearted way. The fairly lengthy disk accessing between plays is irritating, though, and the game's a bit pricey.

Any American Football game following the excellent TV Sports: Football would have to be pretty different to hold my attention. Different Grave Yardage most certainly is with a ball sprouting wings, minefields and some very weird tactics.

The multiload is surprisingly heavy - between every play - but the game is good fun with a definite Blood Bowl influence. If you want a serious, authentic American Football game then you'll be disappointed with this one.

If on the other hand you're a Blood Bowl fan and can't wait for the Tynesoft official game then give Grave Yardage a whirl.


Attractive intro screens, but irritating multiload.
Okay characters on a bland pitch.
Limited FX and end-of-game tune.
Tricky to start with but violent fun.
Lack of a league and different teams limits appeal.
A novel 'sports' sim!