Copyright/Publisher: Accolade, Programming: Bob Whitehead, Graphics: Mimi Doggett,
Sound: Ed Bogas, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

This was one of the earliest C64 baseball sims (over six years ago!) but still ranks among the very best. The huge pitcher and batter sprites are animated to perfection. The scene looks stunningly realistic, and plays that way too.

The pitcher selects the type of pitch (fastball, curve, screwball etc) and aims it. In a split second the batter must decide whether to swing, and if so, where to aim his bat. In fact, this might be just a tad too realistic as it's very difficult to hit the ball cleanly. The result is a realistically low-scoring game. When the ball is hit, the screen switches to an elevated view of the left/right side of the ballpark.

As in RBI the players all have individual stats, and can be substituted and the batting order shuffled. Although there's not as much hectic base running as in RBI, matches are very realistic and two-player games incredibly tense.