Head Coach
Copyright/Publisher: Addictive Games Ltd, Created By: Simon Davies,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 1

Addictve Games' attempt at doing for gridiron what they did for soccer (Football Manager) just doesn't work. It looks very much like an adapted soccer management game.

You even have to select players for your offensive/defensive teams for the whole match - no unlimited substitution here!

Not that the players have any individual role - the outcome simply depends on the totals of the team's run, line and pass abilities.

And what elaborate plays do you get to select during a match? Yep, just run, pass, line plunge or kick. No tactical sophistication here, folks. And how's this for realism: you only get two downs instead of four! There aren't even any game quarters; just a time bar!

To top it all, an appallingly minimalistic match 'view' illustrates the play with unanimated matchstick figures, only two of which ever move. Utterly, utterly pathetic.