Hyper Sports
Copyright/Publisher: Imagine, Arcade: Konami/Centuri, Programmer: David Collier,
Music: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The Konami coin-op follow-up to the legendary Track & Field was converted in fine style to the C64 (albeit minus the pole-vaulting event). The game was even used in a long-forgotten TV quiz with Debbie Greenwood (phwoar!).

The six events here are supremely playable, diving off with a cracking swimming race. Waggle to swim faster, not forgetting to press fire to breathe at regular intervals (breathe under water and you splutter to a standstill!).

A far less exhausting event is Skeet Shooting. Press left/right to fire the barrels of your shotgun at the clay pigeons - hit them all and you get a bonus duck to shot!

Horse-vaulting features an automatic run-up (no waggling) but isn't as easy as it sounds. Accurate timing is needed to hit the springboard right at the end, wait till your man is doing a handstand on the horse, then get in as many rotations before landing (hopefully on your feet!).

Another relaxing event follows. Archery requires careful timing to release arrows at the right angle towards downward-scrolling targets.

After he welcome rest comes more waggling for the run-up to the Triple Jump, but holding down fire to achieve the optimum angle for hop skip and jump is critical.

The real waggling killer, though, is Weightlifning. On higher weights it's a real struggle to get the weight above your head - and keep it there until you get three white lights.

Unlike the Epyx multi-eventers, Hypersports continually wraps round so you play the series of events again and again until you fail to qualify.

The way the qualification standard gets harder each time makes for coin-op-style addiction as you aim for a high score, and there's world records to break too. Totally compulsive.