International Speedway
Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird, Probe Software, Written By: Kevin Green,
Graphics By: Steven Murray, Music By: David Dunn,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Motorbikes go fast. There - that's a useful piece of information isn't it? See, speedway is about motorbikes going fast around a dirty track. A bit like the greyhounds, except there's no dogs and no hare. So it's not like the greyhounds at all really.

Sorry. In this simulation you play from local championship level, trying to get up to World champs status via a league system. The idea is that you win the league to move onto the next higher level.

There isn't really a great deal you can do with a speedway game, since it's just going round and round an oval track; and that's the major failing of International Speedway: not enough variety.

It's race round, look at the scores, race round again. Not that bad really... just boring.