International Speedway (Rerelease)
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters/Probe Software, Written By: Kevin Green,
Graphics By: Steven Murray, Music By: David Dunn,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

I've never understood the appeal of speedway. The start seems to be everything in a race, as there isn't much overtaking after the first bend.

Although this isn't the case in the Code Masters version, the action is realistically simple. All you have to do is steer around the left bends while holding down the fire button to accelerate - you can easily get round without easing off the throttle.

Ther only problem is how to get past the other three computer riders: bumping into them slows you down. They get faster and more awkward to pass on the tougher of three skill levels. But as you never fall off, there are none of the spectacular crashes of the real sport.

The only surpirse the game has to offer is the 3-D, behind-the-rider race perspective - a pleasant change from the usual Code Masters overhead view of the whole track. Not that the graphics are much to look at: just a crude brown track and undetailed, colour-coded bikes.

Sadly, the 3-D view eliminates the possibility of multi-player games; instead the solo challenge comprises three progressively more difficult league championships to contest. It's reasonable playable for a while but, yep, I still think speedway's dull.