It's A Knockout
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software, Programmed By: Keith A. Purkiss,
Sound By: Fred Gray, Genre: Multi Events, Release Year: 1986, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

Teams of grown men and women from six different countries dress in daft outfits and compete in silly games, desperately trying to prove how wacky and zany they really are. That's what the television show It's A Knockout was about. And that's what this game is based on.

before play begins, a menu is displayed showing the countries: Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Holland. From here you are requested to enter the number of people playing aloin gwith the countries they wish to play for. If a country is not represented the computer provides its score after an event. There are six events, one of which is the marathon game. A team selected by the computer competes in the marathon at the end of a round. Each event is played against the clock, represented by a horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen.

The FLAN FLING is the first event and takes place in a room divided by a wall. Gooey flans are catapulted over this wall and to score a point the player has to catch the sticky projectiles and place them in a serving hatch. Moving the joystick left or right guides the waiter who has to cope with an increasingly slippery floor as flans are fumbled.

After all the flans have been flung it's out to the desert to play HARLEM HOPPERS. Small spheres are rolled down a camel's back and must be caught as they fall from its tail end. To maek life difficult the player under your control is attached to a length of elastic which pulls him away from the camel as he attempts to catch a ball. The ground is greasy too, which adds to the fun!

Then the teams are taken out to sea for TITANIC DROP. It looks like passengers are escaping from a sinking ship by sliding down a lifeline and dropping into lifebelts below... Pressing the fire button determines when a passenger falls, and points are given for landing in a lifebelt.

On to DIET OF WORMS: a lrage chicken is placed under your control and must be guided around the screen to catch worms which pop up from the ground. Peck up a worm and take it to a container at the bottom of the screen to gain points.

Finally the OBSTACLE RACE is run against the computer. Scurrying along a horizonallt-scrolling track, waggle your joystick left and right to keep up speed and press the fire button to jump over the obstructions.

Which leaves the marathon, attempted by each team at the computer's whim. Dinosaurs emerge, at random, from a row of six craters. Using a crane, the aim is to bonk the prehistoric beasts on the bonce with a ton weight before they duck back to safety. A point is given for each dinosaur squashed.

After each event the computer updates the scoreboard. At the end of the game infal rankings are worked out, the winner is announced and then it's back to the start, and off we go again...

Julian Rignall
This is a really awful Decathlon-type game, with poor graphics, feeble sound and very little in the way of playability. I imagine that this is supposed make you laugh, but the only thing remotely funnu is how bad it really is. The six games are terrible - play them once and you never really want to play them again. Do yourself a big favour and give it a miss.
It's licence time again - and I'm appalled. It's a Knockout couldn't have been any worse. It looks bad, sounds even worse, and plays like a brick. The only event that vaguely amused me was Bronte Bash - only because it's nice and violent. The others are downright sad, and very dull. It all seemed so pointless that in the end I just gave and up and turned off.
Gary Penn
It's A Knockout is awful. Hardly surprising really, considering the quality of the television show on which it is based. The graphics, music and spot FX are crude, and suit the quality of the game. None of the events are amusing, addictive or demanding as they involve little more than a well-timed press of the fire button. Occasionally frustrating, and tedious more often than not.


Multi-player option, computer controlled score system and adequate instructions.
Crude sprites and gaudy colour schemes.
Uninspiring anthems and spot FX.
Immediately playable, but not very addictive.
The six events are far too banal to enthral.
Nine quid is a lot to pay for so little.
A poor 'alternative' Decathlon-style game.