Jordan vs Bird: One on One
Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Created by: Joe Hellesen & Mark Madland,
Music by: Rob Hubbard, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Basketball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird are two of the most acclaimed players in American Basketball, both with their own personal style. Larry is a shooter whilst Michael (or Air as he is known) prefers the 'Slam-Dunk' technique - it's claimed they're rewriting basketball history.

Now you can take the role of one of these great players in Electronic Arts' latest sports simulation: Jordan vs Bird - One on One. You can choose to play either player in a straight one-on-one contest (to a limit, as a full game or as a warm up), as 'Air' Jordan in a Slam-Dunk contest, or as Larry Bird in a 3-Pointer contest.

The Slam-Dunk game consists of a series of set shots which must be performed in front of a panel of judges, the winner being the player with the highest score after a number of dunks.

The 3-pointer contest is set over a 60 second time limit, inside which Larry must score as many 3-point baskets (ie, outside the line) as possible.

I volunteered to write the intro to this because I like basketball, so imagine ny disappointment when I was presented with a poor excuse for a simulation of any kind.

Some of the graphics made me laugh out loud, especially the icons displaying the types of shot in the Slam-Dunk contest. How he's supposed to get into some of those positions I just don't know!

The in-game animation is a bit odd as well, in fact I'm sure I saw the players jumping through each other at one point. I don't like this game much, but it's not as bad as Afterburner. It's getting there, though.!

After Electronic Arts signed up the talents of Accolade, I thought that we'd be seeing some great sports simulations from them. Unfortunately, Jordan vs Bird is anything but a brilliant sports sim.

The most striking thing about it is the comical graphics - disproportionate sprites stumbling about in a blandly drawn endzone, wobbling on legs like rubber bands. Now this wouldn't be too bad if the gameplay was good enough - unfortunately it's not.

Control is quite a chore in all the games and any score involves more luck than judgement. Fans of the two players involved will be crining to see their heroes' names put to this.


Loads of options rescue the rating since the general appearance is sloppy.
Hilarious icons and wibbly sprites. The backgrounds aren't much to shout about either.
Thoroughly disastrous tune and the worst of spot effects.
It'll take you a while to play all the games once...
...but it's debatable whether you'll want to play them again.
A disappointing sports simulation from a company that has given us much better.