Manchester United - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Krisalis Software, Programming by: J.Scott &
B.Costas, Graphics by: M.P. & N.A., Music by: Matt Furniss,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

Football is a great game. Lots of rough and tumble, lots of shouting, muddy boys, and, usually, not a girl in sight. Magic. I'd play it all the time if my glasses didn't keep breaking.

Manchester United captures this spirit particularly well (apart from the glasses breaking thing). It's got plenty of management bits in it, with loads of decisions to be made on players, training, formations and how much jewellery you are allowed to wear as manager.

But before you think to yourself "oh no! A football management game. I've plunged into the utter pits of despair! What a personal disaster," and yawn yourself to death, listen - there's a lot of on-pitch action happening as well.

Every match your team is involved in is played on a massive top-viewed field which scrolls around like a mad thing. You seem to be able to influence the play (so be ready with the joystick).

You don't seem to be able to do that much as regards controlling the player with the ball, but the manual says you're doing something, so you must be.

It's fast, furious fun and makes Manchester Utd an excellent piece of software for footy fans (especially those who live in the Manchester area, possibly as far out as Stockport).

If you've got to have a management game, make sure it's one with real players and some hectic on-pitch running around. It's as good as finding a load of Christmas money you didn't know about.

Doesn't the main menu just ooze class? Well that background picture's quite nice...
Where's Bryan Robson? He's lying on his back in the changing rooms, complaining that he's got a verucca and can't come out.