The Match
Copyright/Publisher: Cult Games, Release Year: 1991,
Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1

Cult Software have been remarkably busy churning out footy management sim's this month - in fact we've had four of them.

They all take the standard footy sim' formula but each has a different slant ont he genre. So, let's kick off with...

This one doesn't really have any unique features although the ability to send out spies is an interesting one.

If you don't already own a soccer sim' then this one's as good as any (well nearly). Loads of teams, several cups, match highlights, transfers, seasons, sackings, gate receipts, it's all here.

The presentation is also pretty good, placing this one well above the other three in the quality stakes.

So surprising as it may seem (because you lot think I'm so miserable), I going to give it...75%