Max Torque
Copyright/Publisher: Bubble Bus, Created By: Martin Webb,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Max Torque puts you in the saddle of a powerful two-gear 500cc motorcycle, as you take on a field of computer controlled riders in a six stage race.

Initially the player chooses from a range of seven participants, each with different abilities - for example Bill Bullet's bike has a top speed of 250 mph, but is far less manoeuvrable than Jack Flash's 190 mph racer.

The race begins when the personality has been chosen, with the screen displaying an over-the-shoulder view of the action. An audible signal and green light start the contest, with a 60 second timer instantly beginning to tick down. Reaching the end of the stage resets the clock, giving the rider another 60 seconds to tackle the next - failure results in premature retirement.

Other riders are encountered throughout the race, slowing your machine on contact. The sharp and twisting corners also pose a problem as the bike has to slow down to take them, otherwise it could skid off the track and into the fence - with a loss of time resulting as the rider remounts.

Sharper corners and more riders make the going tougher as the race progresses through the stages.

Julian Rignall
Although this isn't muach to look at, it provides plenty of racing excitement. The main character is great, but it's a shame that his opponents are single colour sprites - if they were all as detailed the overall effect would be outstanding. The tricky control method takes a bit of getting used to, but perseverence is rewarded with the enjoyment of a high-speed burn around a fairly convincing race track.

One slightly annoying feature is the sluggish braking system, but once again the answer is perserverence. The seven different bikers add extra challenge to an enjoyable race game which provides all the thrills and spills that Enduro Race failed to deliver.

Max Torque's graphics are excellent - even better than those of Super Cycle. Where this game loses out however, is in the playability stakes. The cycle is very hard to control, mainly due to the fact that the steering isn't self-centering, and consequently it is difficult to make any headway.

Even when you do begin to master this method there is no realistic feeling of exhilaration as you zoom around the track. I feel that only the most fanatical of race game fans will like this.

The control method used in Max Torque is extremely sensitive, requiring copious practice before any distance is covered. The graphics are handled fairly well, with the track and backdrop moving smoothly and realistically, but this effect is marred by the poor characters. Hang On it ain't, but if you're in need of some fast (if not exactly furious) racing action, then Max Torque isn't such a bad buy.


Seven bikers to choose from, but a difficult control method.
Poorly defined characters detract from the otherwise reasonable look.
The unrealistic whining sound doesn't really represent the growl of a 500cc game.
A tricky control method requires some initial patience, but perseverance pays off on the end.
the six tracks provide a stiff challenge, with the choice of bikers adding to the appeal.
A competent and entertaining race game.