Microleague Wrestling
Copyright/Publisher: Micro League Sports Association Inc., Designed By: Subway Software,
Micro League Sports, Riedel Software Productions: Michael Riedel, Arthur J.Aspromatis,
Remington Emin, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Wrestling, Number of Players: 0 to 2

Long before Ocean's WWF there was another official World Wrestling Federation licence. But Microleague isn't in the same league as its supreme successor.

For a start, there's no arcade action. This is, in fact, a very crude strategy game. All you do is select a move from a menu of manoeuvres and hope it beats your opponent's selection. The winning move is then played out via a sequence of indistinct digitised screens.

Which move succeeds depends on each grappler's level of damage sustained, their 'Relative Dominance' (shown by a bar) and the probability of completing that move (some are more difficult than otherts).

Of course, all the top WWF wrestlers are included (along with their obligatory pre-match interviews), but the 'action' soon gets repetitive. As soon as one fighter starts to dominate, he's highly likely to win due to his increased ability to perform the moves.

Microleague's simple strategy is far too lightweight to have you pinned to your joystick.