On Cue
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic, Release Year: 1987,
Genre: Snooker & Pool, Number Of Players: 1

Snooker and Pool simulations have been quite well catered for - although not always for the better - so this latest offering from MAD is among some pretty dire company. Unfortunelately, it fits in quite well, since it in no way improves on any of the previous versions available, even though it does includes versions of both Pool and Snooker.

The screen display is similar for both games (each being loaded individually), and operates in hi-res mode with the balls appearing as tiny circles. This makes it awfully difficult to target the cross-hiar cursor, as there are only about five pixels width to play with.

The balls' movement is also pretty unrealistic, with balls accelerrating and decelerating apparently at random.

Die-hard fans of the sports may find some solace in this offering, and it's almost fun being beaten 114 to 11 with the computer on level nine.