On-Field Football
Copyright/Publisher: Gamestar, Created By: John Fitzpatrick & John Orr, Original Music By:
Humm, Release Year: 1984, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 0 to 2

Originally released by Activision back in June of 1985, this forerunner to GFL Football was one of the first fully-blown American football games to appear on the market. Now it has been exhumed by Firebird, and is reappearing on their budget label, along with On-Field Baseball and On-Court Tennis.

The player chooses a quarterback, wide receiver and tight end from the footballers on offer. Each has different characteristics and thus play is affected by their abilities and disabilities.

Control is executed in similar fashion to Touchdown Football, with one team member placed under joystick control. When the play is over, the next is selected from an unwieldy and overcomplicated series of options. Defensive plays are also chosen using the same menu system, and a linebacker is placed directly under joystick control.

On-Field Football is the cheapest American football game on the market, but it's also one of the oldest and most unplayable. The graphics are terrible, and the players look like ittle fat Lego men.

Even worse is the fact that there are only four players per team - what a joke! The computer opponent always reacts in the same way, so as soon as you work out the move which gains the most yardage it can be repeated time and time again - Y-A-W-N...
Julian Rignall

Paul Sumner
I didn't see this the first time around - and I'm glad I didn't. The whole package is badly designed, comprising an unwieldy menu system, a pathetic and predictable computer opponent who is a cinch to beat, awful playability and terrible graphics. Okay, so it's budget priced, but personally I don't even think it rates as budget material.


Badly laid out, with a cumbersome menu system and little thought for the user.
Bland and blocky sprites add very little to the action.
Clumsy menus and awkward control method for the players.
The presence of rules is marred by the fact that there are only four players per team.
A complete cabbage. A doddle to beat within one or two plays.
The lowest priced, and the lowest rated.
A boring simulation which offers little playability, depth or action.