Passing Shot - Rerelease
Copyright/Publisher: Mirrorsoft/Image Works, Conversion by: Teque Software; Peter M.Harrap,
Arcade Game Created By: Sega, Release Year: 1989, Genre, Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Grab your bat (raquet - Ed) and your puck (ball - Ed) and get out on the pitch (court, Roger, court. You're not exactly the most sporty chap on the planet are you? - Ed).

It's tennis season again, or at least it is on your 64. Encore has released previous full-pricer Passing Shot on budget and it's a goodie.

You get to play either singles or doubles on a variety of surfaces through four different tournaments. There are a number of difficulty levels from easy (excellent to practice on) to hard (perfect for making a nonce of yourself on).

During a service the court is seen from behind your player but as soon as you've hit the ball it changes to a plan view with the ball looming large out of the screen when the ball is hit high. It's not the best of it's kind around but as a budget title it's fast, unfussy and fun.


Not bad as tennis games go. There are minor niggles, like the way you can't see your player when the ball's in your opponent's half, making positioning for the return shot tricky. That aside it's playable, looks good and is above all cheap... Damn, damn, damn.

New balls please. It would appear that this one is on it's way to Jupiter. Actually that's a lie, but a high volley is well hard to return.