Pitstop II
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Many people will recall the original Pitstop game from Epyx, Pole Position type action with the addiction of strategy, deciding whether to waste time on a pitstop or gambling om completing another lap, where you might run out of fuel or blow your tyres. Pitstop II incorporates all of these features as well as Grand Prix tour of a selection of circuits.

The new game has better graphics (much like Pole Position with more horizontal graphics as opposed to Pitstop 1 that had much more of a plan view. But the big difference is the split screen, yes two players can race against each other at the same time, each one seeing hisown view of the road.

The details is carried so far that if one car crashes, the wreckage can be seen by the opposing var whenever he goes past it. Car to car crashes are also very good, you can see the positions from both drivers points of view literally.

Being a fan of racing games I can say that this is one of the best that I have seen. If you are playing on your own the computer will put up a car against you, and itīs very hard to beat - though when you know the strategy it gets easy, when you donīt make any mistakes.

Options give you two players, a choice of tracks with an option to do them all in a series to become world champion, number of laps, and your proficiency level can be selected.

The game uses joysticks only, but that should be no problem as most (if not all) Commodore owners have them, the problem comes in two player mode where you need two joysticks at once.

All together this is a very worthwhile game and well worth buying.